Sunday Morning Coffee // 2.16.14

Sunday Morning Coffee is the place where I sit down with a big cup o' joe and recap the past week's events - from my favourite blogger posts, to the happenings here at t.o. & fro, and even share my "Eco-Tip of the Week" to encourage you to live a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle. So please, grab your Sunday morning poison and join me...

We celebrated Steve's birthday this past week. And while I understand that 28 is nowhere near old, we're also not spring chickens anymore. As part of our tradition, I bake him a cake every year - rainbow chip (confetti for the Americans), with vanilla icing. Even with our busy schedules, this year was no exception. I was determined to make him a cake, and so I did. The only difference this year was that it turned out looking like this,

Please notice the large chunk in the bottom right corner of the photo. Thanks to his large sweet tooth, he was a good sport about it. It's the thought that counts though, right? At least it still tasted delicious, even if you had to close your eyes to eat it.

This week I:

Give it a look:
  • Jessica shared her favourite colour palates, and I have to admit, they make me drool. Now that I can wear whatever the hell I want to work, when shopping, I am more aware of different colour palates and how I can mix and match different pieces.
  • Christina shares a tutorial for basic DSLR camera settings, a must read for any DSLR beginners. 

To be more responsible:

Eco-tip of the week 05: say NO to palm oil

Palm oil touches our lives every time we take a trip to the supermarket. It can be found in every room in our homes, from your cosmetics bag to your kitchen pantry, and is often disguised under many different names.

Palm oil is created from the harvest of oil palm trees that grow in warm countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, where rain forests are prevalent. It's popularity comes from its low cost and the fact that it is considered a highly saturated fat. However, to produce palm oil, each year, vast areas of pristine forest are cut down and burned to make way for oil palm plantations. This large scale deforestation is pushing the animals that call them home to the brink of extinction. 

While some companies are beginning to take steps to address this problem, none have yet adopted or fully implemented adequate measures to eliminate conflict palm oil use. These companies, and even you as the consumer, have the power to drive a transformation in the way palm oil is now commonly produced. Increased consumer and citizen pressure on these companies is a key ingredient for success

Even though rain forests feel like they're half a world away from your corner of the Earth, they touch our lives every. single. day. And in those rain forests, animals such as orangutans are making their last stand for survival, all in the name of tasty food and beauty. So do your part, say no to unsustainable palm oil, because what's a world without orangutans?


  • If you have a good tip for greening your life, or even a photo of your living a more sustainable lifestyle, I'd love to hear about it and even feature it as my "eco-tip of the week" during Sunday Morning Coffee! Please leave a comment below or email me at with your tips and photos.

Have a good week!

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  1. I had no idea about the palm oil! I will definitely be looking out for that!

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  3. I really like your Eco tip segment, it always gives me something to think about. I wish that everyone followed the tips you give! :)
    Emma|the Earth through a Lens

  4. Love this entire post. Sunday morning coffee. Though I'm reading on a Monday ;$

  5. Bahahaha that cake is awesome! "Rainbow chip" (I've never heard this before btw) is always good no matter what!

  6. Haha, great cake!! That's pretty much where my cakes making skills are at!

  7. Blar, that cake is amazing. The only thing that would make it better is if the recipe was from the 3-ingredient cookbook. Love it haha. Happy belated to Steve too! Xxx


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