Sunday Morning Coffee // 04.13.2014

Sunday Morning Coffee is the place where I sit down with a big cup o' joe and recap the past week's events - from my favourite posts of the week, to the happenings here at t.o. & fro, and even share my "Eco-Tip of the Week" to encourage you to live a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle. So please, grab your Sunday morning poison and join me...

This Week I:
To Be More Responsible:
Eco-tip 12. Keep your car tuned.

Spring is officially here, and with the warmer months comes one of my favourite vacations, ROAD TRIPS! But, before you hit the open road this summer, make sure your car is properly tuned.

Keeping your car tuned can make a big difference on how much gas you use and help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. With a few easy steps, you can save more than 15% on fuel and reduce your impact on the environment!
  • Keep your tires properly inflated. Tires that aren't at their proper pressure produce more drag and cause your vehicle to burn more fuel. Keep a tire gauge in your car and check the tire pressure monthly. 
  • Have your alignment and balance checked regularly. Correct alignment and balance prolongs the life of your tires and vehicle and improves fuel efficiency. 
  • Perform regular maintenance checks. Ensuring that all vehicle systems are running efficiently will keep your fuel consumption down. 

One metric tonne of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere for every 390 litres (103 gallons) of gasoline used. To put that number into perspective, one metric tonne of carbon dioxide is produced to meet the average monthly energy demand of the typical North American household. That's a lot of greenhouse gas emission just to get ourselves from point A to point B! Proper vehicle maintenance could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5 million tonnes per year.

So, do your part - a simple vehicle tuneup improves fuel efficiency, vehicle longevity and reduces your impact on the environment.

If you have a good tip for greening your life, or even a photo of your living a more sustainable lifestyle, I'd love to hear about it and even feature it as my "eco-tip of the week" during Sunday Morning Coffee! Please leave a comment below or email me at with your tips and photos.

Have a good week!

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