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Jesse from The Jessa Olson blog is no stranger to the blogging world, and like me, no stranger to the sport's world. Get to know her a little better today...


Thank you Mar for letting me take over your blog for a day! I am so happy and excited to meet some new friends. Hi, I'm Jessa and I blog at The Jessa Olson blog, formally Life of A Sports Wife. I recently went through a little break and rebranding. I started blogging as a way to show friends and family our life as we travel around for my husband's job (he works in the sports industry.) I never thought my blog would grow to what it is now.

I wasn't really sure what to write about since I am HORRIBLE at guest posting (at least I think I am). I thought that I would share a little bit about myself, and I have broken it down in categories. I totally stole this idea from Karly Kim when she guest posted for Erin from Two Thirds Hazel. 

Olson Family

The basics:
1. I'm a wife to Gary.
2. We have a puppy named Heisman Barkley. (Yes, after the Heisman trophy and QB Matt Barkley)
3. We currently live in Charleston, WV. (But lived in Phx, AZ; OKC, OK; and Topeka, KS.)
4. I also have my own etsy store, Shop Jessa Olson. 

1. Color: Pink
2. Sport: College Football (Go Arkansas!)
3. Food: Chips and Queso
4. App: Twitter (Instagram is a close second)

Things that I am passionate about:
1. My faith
2. SEC (Southeastern Conference) is the best conference
4. Running

Reads that I love:
1. Diary of Anne Frank 
2. The Happiness Project
3. Start
4. Packing Light

In my wish list:
1. Michael Kors Watch
3. Anything at NY & Company 
4. Ruby Ring
5. To Lose 30lbs (Seriously need to get back on the workout wagon)

Places I want to visit:
1. New York City
2. Chicago
3. Sedona, AZ
4. Toronto 

Five things you'll learn from my blog:

So there you have it.. I hope that tells you a little bit more about me!

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