Caffeine Awareness Month // Sponsor Spotlight

Caffeine needs almost no introduction. People have enjoyed foods and beverages containing caffeine for thousands of years. It is one of the most studied ingredients in the food supply, and one of the world’s most widely used substances.

Caffeinated beverages are an essential part of life for many of us. For me, that morning cup of coffee is embedded in my daily routine. Whether you drink it to get you through the day, or because you like the taste, what is your favourite caffeinated beverage?

route bliss
What is your favourite caffeinated beverage?
Used to be Dr Pepper, but after I cut out soda for over half of last year, it no longer tastes good to me :( So ... Vanilla Coke. Or black tea -- hot or iced -- even though I never feel the effects of the caffeine when I drink it (I make it on the weak side!)

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snow in tromso
What is your favourite caffeinated beverage?
I love drinking cappucino but nothing beats an iced latte on a hot summer day! I drink a lot of coke and plain black coffee too though so basically I love any caffeinated beverage. Why? Because I'm a grad student and need caffeine to survive I guess!

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What is your favourite caffeinated beverage?
Elizabeth is a fan of the Chai Tea Latte, and Luke can't get through the day without a cup (or two) of black coffee by his side.

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What is your favourite caffeinated beverage? 


  1. The link to upromise goes to their unsecure website. In fact, I cannot find a secure link at Upromise for creating a new account or contacting the company on the web, period. They seem to have a great program but an unsecure website is a complete turn-off.

  2. Vanilla Latte with an extra shot + whip cream. My world becomes a little more clear after that...*sigh* that sounds so soothing right now.


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