5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

If your life is anything like mine, then a lot of people you know are having babies. I mean, a lot. That means lots of baby gifts to buy and showers to attend. Personally, I get bored with all the standard baby shower gifts, and rather than simply buy something off their registry, I like to give something more unique.


1. iPood Onesie
This onesie is basically the cutest thing I've ever seen, and is my go-to baby shower gift. Of course, I usually include something else as well, but this never fails to get a laugh and is always a hit! I usually order mine from Amazon, where you can find tons of different styles and colors.


2. Spa Certificates
What mom-to-be or new mom wouldn't love a trip to the spa? This is a great gift as an addition to a baby gift, or by itself if you want to spoil mama! Be sure to pick a certificate for a spa near to where the mama lives. You may also consider a nail or hair certificate if there aren't any spas around you!

3. Moby Wrap
Every mom wants a baby carrier, but I love the Moby wrap because it can be used in so many different ways! You're not limited to holding the baby in one position, and they have some fabulous ways to hold a newborn especially. Plus, great color options!

4. Meal Delivery
New moms and dads always love a chance to not have to worry about meals. Consider signing them up for some kind of food delivery service such as Plated or Blue Apron that sends them the ingredients and recipes needed for a meal so they don't have to worry about planning and going shopping. All they have to do is throw it together!

5. Date Night Voucher
This is something that is my own personal creation! I love to put together a package with a gift card for a restaurant and a movie, but I also throw in this "babysitting voucher" so that everything for their date night is taken care of! I think this works best for somebody you know really well because of the babysitting, but of course you could always give just the restaurant and movie gift card without the babysitting voucher if you wanted to. I'm including the printables here...just print them out on some nice card stock and enjoy!

For a baby boy:

For a baby girl:

For twins (or more!):

P.S.: I did not put my blog attribution on the vouchers because I know that would make them not look as nice. If you share them on your own blog, attribution to me is required.

This Big City guest post was written by Christine from Christine Everyday