Quick Hiking Essentials

Hiking Essentials

The title of my post kind of makes me giggle. Quick hikes do exist for all you non believers! But I guess you can leave the definition of a short hike up to you. To me, it's a morning or afternoon hike that takes a couple hours. Not an all day outing or overnight outing. Thing is, even short hikes need to be taken seriously. Anything could happen.

These are a few of the items I find essential for said day hikes... 

Hiking Essentials

Water Bottle/Bladder: Staying hydrated is the most important thing ever! Even if it's just a quick hike. Check out this to find out how much you should be drinking.

Backpack: You have to carry your stuff somehow! A good supportive backpack is very important.

First Aid Kit: Safety first! I always like to throw some duct tape in there as well in case I get any blister.

Boots: Proper equipment makes all the difference. If you're going on a well maintained trail short boots should be just fine. When we are hunting or going off the beaten path I lace up with some solid Danner Pronghorns.

Camera: I always go through a debate on whether to bring our sports camera or my DSLR However I find that our sports camera kicks butt, it takes really good pictures surprisingly. Plus I never have to worry about it falling or getting wet. That camera has been through some tough times and still looks almost perfect.

Snacks: Just like staying hydrated you have to stay energized! I'm slightly obsessed with KIND bars and granola. They're a perfect go to and fit perfectly in your pack without taking up much room.

Sunscreen/Bug Spray: Pretty much self explanatory and a must! No matter what season.

Knife: I never go anywhere without one unless its prohibited. The knife I linked is kick ass because its does almost everything you would ever need. There's a reason it's called a survival knife. May sound drastic but this could be life or death if you find your self in that sort of situation.

Toilet Paper: When nature calls, it calls. Lately I have been replacing toilet paper with baby wipes though. You can use them to clean your skin if you need too. Dual purpose rocks and can save you room in your pack.

Extra Socks: I always have these, no matter how long my hike is. Sometimes your boots will rub you wrong and you're gonna need to double up as a quick fix. Or your feet may get wet from the elements or sweating. Wet socks are never a good thing!

What do you guys like to bring with you on your hikes?

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