January 9, 2017

Banish Dry Skin with this Natural Body Scrub Recipe

My skin takes an absolute beating during the winter months, and once in a while a little exfoliation is in order. But, did you know that the majority of face and body washes, scrubs and exfoliators currently found in stores are actually doing more harm than good?  

peppermint grapefruit body scrub recipe

Have you ever thought about what the exfoliating agent in store-bought facial exfoliant products actually is? 

It's plastic. Small plastic particles called "microbeads", to sound more appealing. Often they are disguised as polyethylene and polypropylene in the ingredients. 

They may do a great job at exfoliating, but have you ever thought about where those little plastic particles go when they wash down the drain? Right into our water systems. 

Since they're plastic, they don't dissolve or breakdown over time. Instead they begin to absorb toxins from pollutants like pesticides, oil and flame-retardants, further contaminating our water supply. Not only that, they resemble fish eggs and other small organisms, all of which many aquatic species feed on. 

So they are entering the food chain, harming the wildlife, and accumulating toxins in the water we drink and the fish that we eat. Great. 

Do you really want to use that on your body? The answer should be no. 

That's why I've opted to create my own body scrub, such as this all natural Peppermint Grapefruit Body Scrub

The smell of this scrub makes you forget about what the weather looks like outside, and instantly transports you to a warmer place. Peppermint and grapefruit are the perfect "wake up" scents, sugar is the perfect all natural exfoliator and coconut oil is the perfect moisturizer. 

This scrub is all natural perfection.  

Peppermint Grapefruit Body Scrub


  1. Place the firm coconut oil and sugar in a bowl. Mix together until a thick paste of formed. 
  2. Add the grapefruit zest and juice, peppermint oil, and if desired, beet juice. Mix to incorporate.
  3. When not in use, store in air-tight jar in fridge.

peppermint grapefruit body scrub recipe

"Give your skin & the environment some love this winter w/ this all natural scrub #recipe." Click to tweet.

I should note, there are some fantastic products out there that use all natural exfoliating agents such sea salt, coconut husks and apricot shells. If making your own is too much and you still opt to buy, please do your research in advance. 

Your skin, and the environment, will thank you.
To learn more about microbeads in the environment, check this out.

Have you ever tried a homemade body scrub? What are your favourite all natural products?

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  1. Is it just me or this DIY body scrub looks and smells yummy in the photos? This seems like an easy recipe to follow!

  2. This recipe is amazingly easy and combines a few of my fave ingredients and scents. I will def be making it!!

  3. This seriously looks amazing...and I bet it smells incredible!

  4. Peppermint scrubs are my favourite!

  5. Goodness, I never knew what those "microbeads" actually were! Thanks so much for sharing. I'll definitely look into making my own scrubs. It's so dry in Alaska this time of the year!

  6. That looks like a healthy and refreshing body scrub. That's even really safe, since it's free from harsh side effects and you can select the ingredients you'll put to suit your skin type. Anyway, thank you for sharing the ingredients and procedures you used! All the best!

    Ervin Willis @ MStreet MassageTherapy


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