Love Where You Live [Green]

Live Green. Green Living. Both common phrases used to describe how we live, what products we use, when we use these products and even why we choose to live a sustainable and responsible lifestyle.

Now, we can take these phrases a little more literal and apply them to where we live. 

As someone who has lived in rental apartments for the past 10 plus years, and someone who is conscious of my environmental impact, one of the biggest frustrations with the properties I have called home is the lack of a sustainability plan. Or, if there is a plan in place, the lack of accountability and communication with tenants regarding the important topic of sustainability. 

Like many, I work hard to separate my waste, and conserve water and energy. But, when I see that our recycling stream is contaminated with non-recyclables and the building's lawn sprinklers come on in the middle of a hot summer's day, I'll admit, it's quite frustrating. And quite discouraging. And in a building of hundreds of tenants, I'm sure I'm not the only way that feels that way.

Recycle? Check. Walk to school? Check. Turn off the light? Check. So inspired by the resident's at a recent CRB building event I attended!

Thanks to the Certified Rental Bureau (CRB) Program, it's now possible to rent with confidence. When you see the “Rent with Confidence” Certified Rental Building Program symbol you can be assured that the building and the property manager responsible for the building have met the over 55 requirements of the only multi-residential apartment building quality assurance “certification” program in North America. 

What is most impressive about this program is that 10 new environmental standards of practice are now a part of the CRB Program quality assurance commitment. The "Living Green Together " standards focus on four main practices - reducing energy consumption, reducing water consumption, reducing waste and promoting recycling and promoting conservation.

Ultimately, the goal of these standards is to reduce the environmental footprint of rental apartment buildings, while promoting healthy and more sustainable apartment communities. 

Our future generation sure knows where its as when it comes to how you can green your community!
When you think of it, these standards really are no brainers. Reducing our energy consumption, recycling and promoting conservation are all actions that we be striving to achieve each day already. If not for the environment, for our wallets and for what we will be leaving behind for our future generations.

Thanks to CRB, residents can now be assured that when they choose to live in a Certified Rental Building they are selecting a Property Manager and staff that not only care about the quality of their building and the service provided, but also the impact that daily operations have upon the environment.

And to me, that is extremely important. 

Find a "greener" CRB apartment home and live the CRB quality difference! Join the over 225,000 Ontario residents living in over 950 CRBP-approved apartment communities across the province. Learn more about the program here

See more from the recent CRB event I attended here

Do you live in a CRB building? Be sure to watch for a CRB event coming to you this summer! And don't forget to enter the #LoveCRB contest on Instagram to win some great prizes! 

How do you "live green"? Any tips for "greening" where you live? I'd love to hear!

*This post was brought to you by CRB, however all opinions are 100% my own.

Time For Mom

Being a mom has taken life’s responsibilities to a whole new level. Gone are the days of focusing solely on yourself. Now, as a mom, you wear many different hats!

In the past 14 months, my resume has expanded from full time employee and partner to include chef, personal stylist, hairdresser, dentist, housekeeper, librarian, doctor, and even therapist. My sense of hearing has increased, I have magically grown eyes on the back of my head (my mom always warned me about this), I am a comedian (to at least one person in my house), and I can magically heal all boo boos. 

Creating Mom Time

While it is extremely rewarding to be able to wear all of those hats and develop the skills that come with them, it is also extremely exhausting. I will admit, there are days that I wear my invisible cape proudly. 

But, despite the number of hats hanging in my closet, I am by no means perfect. If there is one super power that I lack, it is the power of time. As in, time for myself.

Creating Mom Time

Life is busier now than ever, and as I juggle all of the responsibilities that come with it, the hours in the day seem to slip away.

As a mom and a partner, it is my responsibility to be the best that I can be for my familybut how can I do that if I don’t first take care of myself?

According to one psychologist, moms should have at least 15 to 20 minutes a day of “me time” to decompress. In a day with 1440 minutes, 15 to 20 seems like peanuts, am I right? 

Well, even in that 1440-minute day, sometimes it takes a bit of creativity to get in those 15 to 20 and really make them count.

Creating Mom Time

The psychologist goes on to say that, “The key to tapping into your “me time” is to be honest about what things make you feel rejuvenated and what drains your energy reserves.”

So, how do I incorporate those 15 to 20 into my day to take care of myself?

Creating Mom Time

If I’m being completely honest here, working out drains my energy reserves. But, going for a walk does not. Going for a walk makes me feel rejuvenated. So, I trade one for another. Oftentimes, this means getting off the bus a stop earlier to walk a little further. It gives me time to clear my head, take in the fresh air and walk through the door with a smile on my face. 

Creating Mom Time

Other days, it means a walk in the park with my family. Not exactly time for myself, but time spent outdoors with my family also rejuvenates me. 

Another way I take care of myself is with my morning routine, and ensuring that my day begins with a healthy breakfast and vitamins. Oh, and a big cup of coffee. Coffee, a healthy breakfast, and daily vitamins help fill my energy reserves so that I can tackle the day ahead. 

Creating Mom Time

I have always been fairly good about taking my vitamins. But, as I get older, I have realized that not all vitamins are designed the same. And as someone who is conscious of what I am putting in my body to be at the top of my game, that is a bit of a problem. 

Sundown Naturals® offers a full line of the best quality vitamins and supplements that are 100% free of GMOs, dairy/lactose, artificial flavours, and gluten/wheat to suit your individual needs, and busy mom lifestyle.

Creating Mom Time

While you may not always be able to make the healthiest choices in your 15 to 20 minutes (yes, a bag of chips and glass of wine can be consumed in 15 minutes), you can rest assured that Sundown Naturals® is here to support you through every step of your super mom journey.

Do you wear your mom cape proud? How do you make the most of your “me time”? I’d love to hear!

*This post is brought to you by Sundown Naturals®, however, all images and opinions are 100% my own.