to and fro [adverb]: to move from one place to another and back again.

The story of our lives.

I'm Mar, a small town-raised, big city-living girl. I'm a new mama and wife, outdoor enthusiast, travel addict, photography junkie and lover of good food.

His name is Steve.  He's a former professional hockey player, aspiring outdoorsman and the best husband and father to our baby girl. 

I love our love story. We met in 2003, when Steve moved to my hometown for junior hockey. He was the mysterious new guy in high school that had all of the girls talking. We became good friends the following year, but eventually fell out of touch. As fate would have it, our paths eventually crossed again, almost a year later, but this time we couldn't let each other go. Fast forward through many university classes, long distance miles and hockey games, we finally decided to move in together, when an unexpected move took us over 4000 miles from home in Toronto, to the land of the midnight sun, Alaska, for the 2010-2011 hockey season.

After 10 years of friendship, 8 llloooonnnggggg years of dating, thousands of miles traveled, numerous cities visited and even more hockey games watched, on a rainy beach in Alaska, we got engaged and were married in June 2013. And in March 2016, we welcomed our first, a daughter named Morley.

To & Fro [formerly 'Our Alaskan Staycation'] started back in 2010 as a way to communicate with friends and family during our Alaskan adventure.  Alaska immediately stole our hearts, giving us both opportunities we only dreamt about and allowing us to meet some incredible life-long friends in the process.  We were absolutely meant for that place, but, like all good things, it had to come to an end and we decided it was time for the next adventure.  We may be Canadian born, but we are definitely Alaskan grown.

Now we are back in Canada, calling the concrete jungle of Toronto (aka T.o.) home. Join us as we navigate the big city life, but still very much long for the simple life surrounded by Mother Nature.

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