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My name’s Mar. I’m a 30-something mom living in Toronto, ON, Canada with my husband, three young daughters and mini Aussie pup, Bear. To & Fro is my little corner of the world where I combine the two things that I love most - my family and the outdoors.

On To & Fro you can find parenting tips, family-friendly activities and recipes, outdoor adventures, reviews of our favourite products and much, much more!

I may be a big city mama, but this little family of mine is meant for the simple life surrounded by Mother Nature.

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To & Fro: A Lifestyle & Parenting blog based in Toronto,ON, Canada

What’s the story behind To & Fro? How and why did it begin, you ask?

To & Fro [formerly “Our Alaskan Staycation”] started back in 2010 as a way to communicate with friends and family during our three-year long Alaskan adventure. Alaska immediately stole our hearts, giving us both opportunities we had only dreamt about, and allowing us to meet some incredible life-long friends in the process.  We were absolutely meant for that place, but, like all good things, it had to come to an end and we decided it was time for the next adventure.  We may be Canadian born, but we are definitely Alaskan grown. 

The name also has a unique story. Throughout my husband’s hockey career, we were always traveling “to and fro”, moving from one place to another, with Toronto (also known as T.O.) as home base. To and fro quickly became the story of our lives which, combined with Toronto, only seemed fitting for the name of the little webspace where I share just that, the story of our lives. 

So, if you still feel like sticking around, please do! We'd love to have you join us as we navigate the big city life, but still very much long for the simple life surrounded by Mother Nature.

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