September 28, 2015


April 2003: We meet.
April 2005: We start dating.
October 2010: We move in together.
September 2012: We get engaged.
June 2013: We get married.
October 2014: We buy our first home.
March 2016: We grow from two, to THREE!

Baby Wardo coming 03.25.2016!

I'm not big on 'bumpdates', but as part of our announcement, I figured what the hell. If anything my Grandma, and future first-time great grandma, will appreciate it (Hi G-Ma!). No belly photo though - I haven't quite perfect the 'cute belly selfie'. 

How far along? 15 weeks. 

Baby's size? According to my app, the size of a navel orange.

Gender? Still too early to tell, and we're on the fence about finding out. I say boy, daddy-to-be says little girl. 

Weight gain? I was never good at weighing myself, so I don't have a baseline, but I would say minimal.

Maternity clothes? Normal shirts, but have switched over to elastic-waist pants and have one pair of maternity jeans. They are so comfy!

Symptons? I hate to be that person, but the first trimester was a breeze. Besides being pregnant on our Italian vacation, I was very lucky. The baby was an energy sponge, but the nausea was very very very minimal. Currently, I can feel my belly starting to expand to make room for the growing babe.

Sleep? Getting a little uncomfortable to sleep on my side without a blanket bunched up underneath me. Finally getting my energy back though, which is a bonus!

Aversions/cravings? Aversions: chicken. / Cravings: anything salty. No odd combinations, but I have been caught a few times eating salt straight from the shaker. (Bad, I know.) Also, Koolaid Jammers - they're like crack and probably should not be legal to give to children. 

Miss anything? Sometimes I crave the coldest, hoppiest IPA. 

Best moment of the week? Telling our family, friends and coworkers before the announcement made its way to social media. 

Looking forward to? Continuing to share our news. While it was fun to keep it our little secret for so long, I'm glad we can finally share. 


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