February 1, 2012


Last week's temperature = BARF!
Winter is definitely not my favorite season.  In fact, I dislike it so much that I am counting down the days until it is over and breakup hits (only 3 more months). Sure it's pretty, the way the sun shines on the snow-covered mountains or how blue the sky looks against the white landscape. But, the beauty of it doesn't take away from the fact that it's still cold and my eyelashes freeze together when I walk outside. I'm so ready for summer that I often catch myself daydreaming about what it will bring.  Fishing, camping, sitting around a bonfire with friends and realizing it's 1am and still light out...  I cannot wait! 

Don't get me wrong, my dislike of winter and the cold in no way means I don't like living in Alaska anymore (definitely not the case). I can deal with the cold if I have to, bbbbuuuuutttt not before I do a little whining first.  Even though this is our second winter in Alaska, I'm pretty sure the seasonal depression has kicked in THIS winter. Steve will probably call me a hypochondriac for diagnosing myself with seasonal depression, but I swear I have it! Besides the color of my skin turning slightly see-through, I have noticed a change in my attitude and motivation (see previous post, Organization Smorganization).  For example, my boss, who is also a good friend, has noticed that I will not go outside at work unless I absolutely have to (am I really that obvious?!).  I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem, but getting out of bed in the morning in the winter is also a challenge for me. I have no problem hoping out of bed before my alarm wakes me up in the summer, but in the winter when it's dark and cold, not a chance! The heat in our house is absolutely horrible and I dread walking out into a cold kitchen every morning. I often find myself setting my alarm for 7:15am, only to wake up in the middle of the night and change it to 7:30am.  You'd be surprised how big a difference just 15 more minutes under the warm blankets makes in my day! I thought taking vitamin D every day was supposed to prevent this sort of thing? 

This January was the 4th coldest January in Anchorage on record.  The average temperature was somewhere around +2F (approximately -15C).  Usually the norm for January is +15F.  But, I guess I shouldn't complain too much about the cold.  An average of +2F isn't THAT bad!  In other places in Alaska, obviously north of Anchorage, thermometers have actually stopped working because temperatures have dipped so low, some places to -60F and others as low as  -80F (approximately -60C)! How is that even possible?! It is so cold in northern Alaska that if you throw hot water in the air it will freeze before it hits the ground (No lie, I've seen the video with my own eyes.  YouTube it to see for yourself.)

I must also mention that not only have the temperatures been extremely cold, we've also had a massive amount of snow... 92 inches to be exact.  That's 7.5 feet of snow!  And it's only the beginning of February! On average, in an entire winter Anchorage only sees about 74.5 inches of snow.  Crazy!!

Enough of my complaining. Today made me happy.  The temperature was +15F (-9C)!  And it's only supposed to get warmer this week (+30F on Thursday).  It's a heat wave! Believe it or not, with temperatures like this some crazy Anchoragites will definitely be wearing shorts.  But of course, these above 0 temperatures decide to make an appearance the week I escape to Vegas for a little R and R, family, hockey and SUN (my skin has never been more excited).  Just my luck it will be -18F and snowing when I get back.

This is how the warm weather is making me feel (replace apartment with office)...

So until winter is actually over, I guess I just have to keep daydreaming and know that I still have Vegas on Thursday, Hawaii in June and a summer full of outdoor adventures ahead of me. Bring on the sun :)

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