February 12, 2012

The Home and Native Land

These videos have been taking YouTube by storm lately and this one (by IFockingHateThat)  especially gave me a good laugh.  Mostly because I am the only Canadian working at the Zoo and get called out for a lot of these things at work, on a daily basis. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t bother me. It's all in fun.)  I can't forget to mention that I can always count on being asked if I’m Canadian at least once a week by my edZOOcation students and their parents.  How could you tell?  Was it when I said "eh"? Or “oot and aboot”? Gotta love the Canadianisms, eh?

My fav from this video? "Do you have two loonies for a toonie?" It reminds me of the head keeper at the Zoo, my not-so-secret-anymore Canada Day admirer (see pictures below). Bless his heart. Every time I ask him any type of question his response is "Give me a loonie." One day Smitty will get his loonie, maybe even a toonie if he's lucky.

A gift from my secret Canada Day admirer:
The beers were enjoyed under the midnight sun that night and
the crackers and poppers were given to our friends' kids (you're welcome).
Our mouse Rocky got her paws on the flags and turned them into blankets. 
Kind of embarassing for me to say that, but it's cute.

Some Canadian cutie.

My second fav of the video, obvi the shout out to Tim Hortons.  You're not truly Canadian if you don't like Timmy's.  What's not to love? It will definitely be one of my first stops when I go home for a visit next Friday. Large coffee and vanilla dip donut please. Even Titus, my dual citizen chihuahua, is a fan.  The nice ladies that work there used to always give him a plain timbit when we went through the drive-thru (so spoiled), but he always ended up being more interested in shredding the paper bag it came in than his special treat. Oh, the things that amuse him and his small brain! It's also a staple in our house up here in AK. We always have a tin of Timmy's coffee in the freezer and whenever we see my parents we get a new one, along with several packs of Nibs (who knew you could only get them in Canada?). Until I moved to the States, I didn't realize "double double" was a Canadian thing. Last week in Vegas we stopped at a Starbucks and my mom tried to order a large double double for my dad. The woman stared at my mom as if she was speaking a foreign language. I had to step in and translate "She'll take a grande Americano, with room, please and thanks". (Notice the "Canadian politeness"?) Good thing I was there or it would have been WWIII if someone didn't get their morning coffee (just kidding). 

Now if only Canadians actually sounded like this guy in the video....

I hope this video gives you a chuckle, even if you're not a fellow Canadian.  Enjoy :)
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