March 20, 2012

Kings of the Mountain

The end of the school year is around the corner and that only means one thing, I am as busy as a bee at work right now.  The days of the week seem to blend together.  At the end of the day when I get a chance to breathe, the last thing I was to do is stare at a computer and strain my brain some more.  So sadly, that means no time for updates on Our Alaskan Staycation (although you may get some pictures, because taking pictures is my escape and always a good stress reliever).  However, I will put my busy life on pause for a mircosecond to give you all the always important hockey update...

This past weekend the Aces clinched the 2011-2012 Mountain Division title! This title guarantees them no worse than 2nd place in the Western Conference.  They are currently first in the league with 6 regular season games remaining (all away games).  Coming first in the regular season would crown them the Brabham Cup champs, an honor they took home last season, and would give them a bye in the first round of the Kelly Cup playoffs and home ice advantage throughout the entire playoffs.  Let's go Aces!

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