March 2, 2012

Stealing Thunder

I loathe, but an extremely proud,  to say that despite my Oscar-worthy appearance on Monday night's news for International Polar Bear Day, Steve has officially stolen back the thunder.  Big time.  And it's going to take a lot for me to get it back...

Steal #1: The 2010-2011 ECHL-winning Alaska Aces made the Hockey Hall of Fame's 2010-2011 North American Hockey Year in Review. Kind of a big deal. (I should probably mention, but only because he would correct me if he saw this post and it wasn't mentioned, that this is the second time Steve has made the Hockey Hall of Fame.  The first was as the captain of the 2006-2007 OHL Champions. Another big deal.)

Steal #2: This past week the Alaska Aces attended the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony and were presented with the Director’s Award. This award is presented to individuals or groups based on consideration of their contributions, actions and achievements in sports in Alaska over the past or recent years. Go Aces!

(Photo by Greg Martin, 2012)

Now to only think of a genius plan to win the thunder back...

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