May 8, 2012

Fish On!

Yesterday, after a very yummy brunch downtown, we decided to brave the dreary day and take a walk along Ship Creek.  We worked off our eggs benedict and Steve got to do a little "reconnaissance" before fishing season begins.

Although these pictures may make Ship Creek look like a mud hole scattered with garbage, which in some parts it is just that, at certain times of the year it is truly an incredible place.  In a few weeks, this exact spot will transform into a hotspot of fishing mayhem. Come June, the creek will be teeming with fish making their way upriver to spawn, and with that, the banks will be filled with fisherman looking to claim the ultimate Alaskan fishing prize, a giant king (chinook) salmon

When the kings are running in Ship Creek, it's urban combat fishing at it's best. If those two words bring to mind thoughts of men, and women, in camouflage, battling for the perfect fish, then you're not far off.  It's man versus fish, but also man versus man. While the thought of fishing shoulder to shoulder with your neighbours and jockeying for the perfect spot may scare some people off, hooking that king makes it worth it.  Combat fishing is a true Alaskan experience. 

With the perfect location literally steps from downtown Anchorage, in the middle of the ship and rail yard, it is not uncommon to see business people step out of their office, throw on a pair of waders and head down to Ship Creek on their lunch break.  Only in Alaska can you get away with it.

Ship Creek in the spring is every angler's dream.  If you ever get the opportunity to visit Anchorage while the kings are running, take a trip down to Ship Creek and throw in a line. Just remember to pack your patience, and fishing etiquette, in your tackle box.

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