June 1, 2012

Fashion or Function?

While Alaska is known for its big wildlife and breathtaking views, one thing it is not known for is the fashion. Travel+Leisure recently named Anchorage the worst dressed city in America.  Am I surprised? Not for a second. 

When it comes to dressing in Alaska, it's definitely function over fashion. It's all about comfort and practicality. It's probably one of the only places where you can get away with jeans and plaid in a fancy restaurant, and where it's cool to rock the flannel and beard. Jeans, a hoodie and Xtratuff boots or hikers are my go-to work and grocery shopping attire, and Steve swears by his Carhartts.  The bigger the winter boots, the better. There's absolutely no judging here. 

Alaska definitely has it's own style.  It's simple and comfortable.  Nothing crazy or over the top. We dress for the seasons.  When weather is as unpredictable as it is in Alaska, fashionable just does not make sense. Having to deal with winter for 8 months of the year kind of switches a person's priorities from looking trendy to keeping warm. 

I remember when we first moved up here someone told me, "It's easier to take layers off than to put on layers you don't have."  Words I've lived by since we started this adventure.  

So to all your fashion police out there, since when does practical mean badly dressed?


We're SO excited for our upcoming adventure this weekend.  There's a good chance it could take over as our number one favorite Alaskan adventure. Can't wait to share next week!

Happy June 1st!

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