July 25, 2012

I've Got a Fever

Steve's been out of town the past two weeks, something I'm fairly used to during the hockey season.  Normally, I sit on the couch and catch up on my girly shows or have conservations with Mo the mouse.  But since he left, I have actually been super busy.  Super busy because I started a little something new...

This past weekend two girlfriends and I had a booth at the weekend Anchorage Market and Festival, downtown Anchorage.  We sold our photographs, and did really well. That means people really like our photographs! Because of this, I've kind of got the fever.  The fever to do it again. And so we are.  We'll be at it again this Saturday...

So, if you happen to be downtown Anchorage this Saturday, stop by our little booth to check out our photos or just say hi. It would be great to see you. And for those that visited us last weekend, we definitely appreciate the support!


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  1. Fantastic job on the website Mar! Such beautiful pictures.


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