August 24, 2012


A bizarre story out of yesterday's news... 

Maybe I find this funny because I know the area and can play out this entire scenario in my head.  I've driven off the very same ferry and been on a boat that's launched in the very same harbor. But regardless of knowing the area or not, at what point do you say screw the GPS and stop your car because you're heading directly down a boat launch into the water?! Bizarre indeed.

Man guided by GPS drives off ferry into Whittier harbor.

Happy Friday! 
Hope your weekend is better than this guy's!



  1. Have you heard the term, "Whittiots" yet? Whitter is a very odd place, with very odd people, who do very odd things. My guess is there is more to this guy's story, because who would seriously do that knowing that you might all go down with the car? Poor cat .. ugh!

  2. Odd indeed. He can't even use darkness as an excuse. Poor man, poor cat.


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