October 24, 2012

Enter at Your Own Risk

Our household has been dubbed "the Sick Ward" (hahaha get it?!).  A snippet from today's article in the Anchorage Daily News...

" Ward said Donovan's shot hit him in a tiny unprotected area of his leg, just about the boot of his skate and just below the bottom of his shin pad - "It couldn't have hit me in a more perfect spot, " he said.

So, tough times in the Ward-Lafranchise household, which includes Ward's fiancee, Marla Wales.

"It's probably toughest on my fiancee because she has to deal with the both of us," Ward said."

Enter at your own risk, or your might get "screwed".  (Ok ok, enough with the puns.)

Read the entire ADN article here.

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