December 30, 2012

2012 in Photos

2013 will be upon us in 2 sleeps. Another good year has almost come to an end.

2012 brought us new friends, lots of family, more staycation adventures (most in the rain), our first time in Hawaii, a new car, more moving, a team captain and a proposal!  Memories that will last forever.

And so, it's time to look back and plan forward.

Here are my top 12 "best" (or more correctly, favorite) personal photos of 2012...

And the best for last...

1. True story 2. Red fox 3. Our small furry friend Mo 4. Inspiring words from a 5th grader 
5. A new beginning (rehabbed bald eagle release) 6.  Curious crab 7.  Hawaiian sunset 8. Playful spinner dolphins 9. Caribou 10. Ground squirrel 11. Moose 12.  A proposal

I hope your 2012 was a good one.
 Bring it on 2013!


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  1. Obviously the fox photo is my favorite - but the shot of the eagle is amazing, too! You need to enter some of these babies in a nature photography contest or something!


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