December 11, 2012

Comforting the Cold

Nothing says winter like -10F weather and frozen eyelashes.  And nothing cures the winter blues like homemade soup! 

Soup is the perfect winter comfort food. This crockpot recipe for split pea soup will not only warm your body, and soul, but also make your house smell wonderful!

Split Pea Soup 


+  1 medium onion, diced
+  1 large carrot, peeled and diced
+  10 cups of water (or 5 cups water, 5 cups lower sodium stock)
+  1 lb. dried yellow split peas
+  1 smoked ham hock (~1 lb.)
+  2 bay leaves
+  salt and pepper to taste


Add all of the ingredients to your crock pot and set on high. Cook time should be approximately 4  hours. Once the soup is cooked, remove the ham hock. Pull the meat away from the bone, and shred or chop into small dice. Discard the bone and stir the chopped ham back into the soup. Remove bay leaves and discard these as well. Be sure to taste the soup and adjust with salt and pepper as needed. To save for later, freeze in appropriate containers.



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