December 15, 2012

Practice Kindness.

I love putting a smile on someone's face.  Giving them an experience they have never had before.   Something that they will remember for years to come. Whether it is seeing a polar bear up close for the first time, feeling various furs or getting the wolves to howl.  It's easily one of the best parts of my job.

Today I arrived at work and found a giant envelope sitting on my desk, with my name on it.  Inside were 12 personalized notes from 2nd grade students that I recently had in one of my zoo classes....

"Thank you for showing us around the zoo."

"I really liked when we got to go close to the polar bears that was fun even when I got a little scared."

"My favorite part was well I don't have one I liked it all."

"I hope I can go to the zoo again!!!

"The musk ox was my favorite animal.  I thought the alpaca would spit in my face."

(Don't kids say the darndest things?)

And my favorite?

"If I ever go to the zoo again I will remember you."

These kind notes were not required or expected. But, they were very much appreciated.

It's things like this that put a smile on my face.  That easily turn an "off" day into a fantastic one.  It's things like this that I will remember for years to come.

Remember: Small gestures go a long way. Sometimes, the little things can mean so much. They can even turn a day around.

Practice kindness and pass it on. There can never be too much.

Have you completed any random acts of kindness lately?


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  1. Love the cards! I particularly like the kid who was afraid Yertle or Caesar would spit in their face. Also the one who was scared of the polar bears... How adorable is that? :)


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