January 6, 2013

December Sparkle & Cheer

December was eventful.  In a very good way.  Visits from BFFs, "family" dinners, sparkle and cheer. (Because it's not the holiday season without some sparkle and cheer.)

The only thing December lacked, was some wedding planning.  (Which could be a problem and something we need to kick back into gear.)

So, here is the best way to remember the last month of 2012 for our Alaskan Staycation, in photos.

This poor moose seriously got himself in one...

These two were taking in the beauty...

It was a cold one, but at least the sun was shining...

And for the Christmas sparkle and cheer...

How did you spend the last month of 2012?



  1. Beautiful pics! I particularly love the one with the Christmas lights and the frost. And oh my gosh, did Fish & Game do anything to help that poor moose?

    Good luck with your wedding planning!

  2. that wildlife is seriously incredible! and that poor moose :(

    i spent december thinking i was going on vacation to belarus but not going. really was quite sad, but at least we postponed the trip until 2013 ;) gives me something to look forward to! hope you had fantastic holidays!


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