March 1, 2013

Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Happy March 1st!

Today I'm linking up with A Blonde Ambition for another Confessional Friday!

Here goes...

First and foremost, I confess... real life has taken over lately and I have neglected the blog - work, wedding planning, being a number one fan and a recent trip back East have been my priorities as of late. Good excuses to me.

I confess... I had a "nightmare" the other night that our wedding was in 2 days.  It was one of those dreams you wake up thinking it's real.  Serious panic attack.

Where so much love will be shared June 29, 2013.

I confess... my gym workouts now revolve around how much time I can have in the steam room.  My new obsession.

I confess...  we will be heading downtown to watch the ceremonial start of the Iditarod tomorrow.  Embracing the Alaskan spirit.

I confess... we watched "Argo" the other night.  Great movie, but a little disappointed in Ben Affleck for downplaying the large role the Canadians had in the operation. But, I guess that's why they say "based on real events".

I confess... playoffs are just around the corner and it drives me nuts that I don't know the schedule and therefore can't plan my life.

I confess... I am sooo ready for spring.  Ready for the snow and gloomy skies to disappear.  No explanation needed.

I confess...  I have become addicted to coconut oil.  While most might be turned off at the thought of putting oil on your face, you must trust me, it works wonders on your skin.  Not to mention, it's pretty tasty to cook with.

I confess... my camera has been sitting in the closet collecting dust for the past two months.  I am in need of a nature photo shoot.

Isn't this guy so intriguing?

I hope your weekend is sunny.


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