April 22, 2013

5 Ways to Celebrate Mother Nature

Although Earth Day is a great reminder for us to be environmentally conscious, don't let you environmental actions stop once April 23 hits. There are plenty of ways to celebrate Mother Nature all year long:

Plant a Tree
Not only do trees refresh the air by taking in the bad and breathing out the good, they have additional benefits as well - they provide wildlife habitat, improve property value and aesthetic, reduce utility bills, prevent soil erosion and provide sound buffers! 

Conserve Energy
Turn off the water when you brush your teeth, take a shorter shower, wash your laundry in cold water, carpool to work, turn off the lights when you leave the room, unplug electronics not in use.  Not only will conserving energy reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it will also save you $$$!

The 3 Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Reduce waste - bring your own grocery bags next time you go to the store and buy a reusable water bottles.  Reuse an item - refurnish an old piece of furniture.  Reduce waste - buy products with less packaging or compost organic waste. Do your part by recycling glass, paper, plastic and other reusable materials.

Buy Locally
Visit a local farmer's market or start your own vegetable garden!  Buying local or growing your own is environmentally friendly and will save on fuel and keep money within the community. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is also a great family activity!

Get Outside!
Go for a walk, ride your bike, grab your favorite book and a lawn chair.  Get outside and appreciate this beautiful planet we call home.

How are you going to celebrate Earth Day?


On a different note, the trend continues and its been a busy past couple of weeks. 
Enjoy some pictures!

  1. Totally normally right?  Moose knuckles in the walk-in at work.  These are going to make an animal very very happy.
  2. Margarita Monday.  Why not.
  3. 10 years ago he walked into my life, 8 years ago he became the love of my life. Celebrating 8 wonderful years together, and our last anniversary as a happily unmarried couple :)
  4. Mo made a new friend.  All it takes is a little pb to win his heart.
  5. Mo sunbathing and taking in the view.  (Does that make me weird?!)
  6. Young love.  Just call me matchmaker Mar.
  7. With a name like "Camp", this eyeshadow and I were destined to be together.  Wedding makeup?  Check!
  8. Heat wave!  But, I'll take it!
  9. Wedding planning and crafts continue...

Enjoy your week friends!


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