April 5, 2013

The Past [Some Odd] Weeks

It's April!! Contrary to back east, the saying "April showers brings May flowers" doesn't really apply up here in the north.  It's more like "pot holes, puddles, cracked windshields and slush bring longer days and 40 degree weather". Sigh.

While that doesn't sound as attractive as flowers, I think I'd take breakup over rain any day, especially if it means longer days and sunshine. And for those of you cringing at 40 degree weather, that's hoodie weather to us northerners.

The past some odd weeks (I can't even remember the last time I posted) have been busy ones.  Since pictures are always better than words, here's a photo recap...

Mother Nature decided to give us one last dose of winter...

Left: At 3 months old, Steve's littlest biggest fan made it to watch him play (yes, it counts even if she slept the whole time).

Right: This fancy smancy robot-looking thing is our new Distance Education cart.  Pretty soon we'll be able to connect with classrooms in Alaskan villages and all over the world.  I am PUMPED!

We held our 2nd Annual Earth Hour Event.  I must mention that this is only the second Earth Hour event in the state of Alaska, the first ever in Anchorage.  This year the founders, World Wildlife Fund, joined us and next year, with their help, we're hoping to make it even bigger!

These beautiful Bohemian waxwings flocked to the Zoo in 100s.  We had been waiting all year to see them and luckily I was armed with my camera on the one day they chose to visit. (Call me a nerd, but I'm pretty sure Steve and I will be birders when we retire, whether he likes it or not.)

I'm sure most have heard or seen pictures of this little guy, Kali.  He's been the talk of the town world lately.  And for good reason... what a cute face.

Left: I never buy flowers for myself.  I am against buying flowers, even being given flowers.  But, with it blizzarding outside that day, I was desperate for some spring, so I caved and bought some tulips to bring the spring to me.

Right: Oh Peabody... Words can't even describe how much I love this bird.

A girlfriend and I formed "MarStar Catering" and cooked Easter dinner for the entire hockey team. Good food, good drinks and good company, in the form of 20+ grown men crammed into our apartment... I'd say it was a pretty big success!

Met up with an old friend that drove in from the Yukon.  It was good to catch up over some local brews.

Ps. I think this salmon keg is a must have...

Took part in a beer and wine tasting, 3 floors of it to be exact...

The classic "too much wine" selfie.

Good beer, good food, a good view and FINALLY some good weather. Hello spring!

So that's my past couple weeks in a nutshell.  As of tonight our lives will be consumed with hockey playoffs.  The road to the Kelly Cup begins. Love nothing more than being a #1 fan, but I think it's safe to say, I'm ready for summer.

Have a good weekend friends!


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  1. Hahahah LOVE the selfie. I'm pretty sure you and I have multiples of those. Xx


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