May 31, 2013

Day 5: Regrouping

Day 5: Grande Prairie, AB to Jasper, AB

Wildlife Spotting: Deer, elk, sheep

Distance Traveled: 395 km/247 miles

Total Distance Traveled: 3072 km/1921 miles

Today was a “regroup” day.  It may only be day 5, but it seems like the days have been running together.  We are becoming delirious.  So, we spent the night at the Fairmont in Jasper to reward ourselves.

The drive from Grand Prairie, AB to Jasper, AB was a fairly uneventful one.  The flatness eventually turned into the towering mountains we have grown accustomed to.

We explored "downtown" Jasper and enjoyed a couple of brews at Jasper Brewing Company before heading back to the Lodge to enjoy some more brews on the dock.  I think we are very deserving of one or two, don't you?

So until next time, when we take our time exploring the beautiful Canadian Rockies. 


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