May 21, 2013

Making the Most of Our Time

We leave in 4 days, driving over 4000 miles/6000 kilometers over a span of 12ish days, south to our little corner of southern Ontario. 

To say we've been busy is an understatement.  Busy wrapping up things with work (tears), getting in our last adventures, hanging with friends, saying our farewells and purging and packing up our apartment (which is another post in itself).  Chaotic is a better choice of word.

I'll be blogging as we drive, granted I get wifi in some of the podunk towns we'll be passing through.  Who knows, you may even get lucky and get a post about the heated battles we've been having purging and packing and the ones that I'm sure will occur over those long 4000 miles.  Maybe, if you're lucky... 

So until we leave,  I will leave you with our last AK adventure of the year.  I cannot say forever because we have already decided we will be back for a few weeks next summer.

This past weekend we made the most of the time we have left in AK and journeyed down to the Kenai Peninsula to visit some friends.  Of course it rained, and then snowed, but then eventually the sun did shine (before snowing again).

I went a little photo crazy... here's my iPhone dump:

1// Did we make a wrong turn?  I thought it was May.  The drive through the pass was full on winter.
2// Treasure hunt - find old toys in the side of the hill at our friends new house.  E was in heaven with his new tractors.
3// The view from our friends' new house.
4// Waking up to a dusting of snow.
5// Preppin' the Mary J.
6// Driving to Homer.
7// Surfers on the Homer Spit.
8// The Homer harbor.
9// The Time Bandit from Deadliest Catch.
10// Good friends.
11// Steve the Greenhorn.
12// Barnacles on the dock.

1// The infamous Salty Dawg Saloon.
2// $$ bills in the Salty Dawg.
3// Our $ bill: "Canadian by blood.  Alaskan by heart.  The Ward 5/2013"
4// Bishop's beach.
5// Bishop's beach.
6// Mead tasting.
7// Finally some sun!
8// Mount Redoubt.
9// One day we will have a hobby farm, complete with pigs!
10// The view along Turnagain Arm on the drive home.
11// Picture perfect. 
12// Potter's Marsh at 10pm.

So, until next time, when we pack up our belongings and 3 years of our lives and hit the open road to drive home and get married :)



  1. Wishing you and Steve the very best! You bring - and leave - light wherever you go.


  2. Aww have fun and enjoy the drive Mar!! The adventure isn't over! It's just beginning ;) Lots of love to you and Steve-o!! Xxxx


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