June 15, 2013

Day 12: We Made It!

Day 12: Chicago, Illinois to HOME

Wildlife Spotting: Nothing alive.

Distance Traveled: 588 km/368 miles

Total Distance Traveled: 6644 km/4154 miles

I know this post is about a week and a half delayed.  For those of you that started getting a little concerned that we got lost in Chicago, we didn't.  We're safe, in one piece. And still very much together.  The wedding it still ON! We just got caught up in family and wedding duties the second we pulled in the driveway.

We left Chicago just before noon, drove out of the city and hit the highway we have both driven numerous times before.  Finally, some familiarity.  

We both had ants in our pants as we started seeing signs that read "Canada" and then as we drove over the bridge and waved goodbye to the states, for the time being.

We were finally home.

I can now officially say...

4154 miles, 12 days, 7 states, 4 provinces and 1 territory later, we made it HOME.



  1. It's been cool reading about your journey! Glad you guys made it safe!

  2. Glad you guys made it home safely!! I have loved reading your posts.


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