August 26, 2013

No Cell Phone = Lesson Learned.

My truck died on the way in to lunch with my grandma today.  The truck that I have loved to drive for the past 10 years.  The truck that I felt soooooo cool driving in high school.  I was stranded, cell phoneless (remember I have yet to get a Canadian phone since we moved back), on the side of the road - just me, the fresh produce I had recently bought for dinner that was starting to wilt and the white truck. So, I had to do what people did during the olden days, like before cell phones were around, walk to the closest house and ask to use their phone... to call my dad.  "Sure, but you don't carry a cell phone?" the nice woman asked me. "No," I said, in shame like I owed her an explantation of why I'm too cheap. Luckily I got a hold of my dad, or it could have gotten real awkward.  

Safe to say, I learned two lessons today: 1// dads are lifesavers (especially when they have to work a 12-hour night shift in a few hours) and 2// I think it's time to get my own cell phone. Like yesterday.

Lesson learned.  But hey, at least my produce survived.

Here's to hoping this doesn't foreshadow the rest of the week!

On a side note, Titus says,

Happy Monday (and the last one of summer break)!



  1. D'oh! I would be so screwed because I don't remember anyone's phone numbers. So maybe you're better off...

  2. That is so funny because our truck ALSO got stranded on the side of the road this weekend! All our cell phones were dead and there were no homes nearby so we had to flag down a car for help!!

    Luckily, we were coming back from camping so there was a whole cooler of drinks and food, if needed


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