October 7, 2013

Black Socks & a Weekend Recap

It was officially our last weekend before hockey starts and I start working on Saturdays, and the weather sucked. The plan was to sleep in, but apparently when your new routine means a 6am wakeup time, your body thinks sleeping in means 7:30am on a Saturday.  I wish someone warned me.

I sold my soul to the devil this weekend... I bought black socks. A 20 pack. For as long as I can remember, I've had a thing against black socks.  It's not an irrational fear, but it's definitely irrational.  They creep me out.  So much so that after Steve takes off his dress clothes when we get home from a game, he keeps the black socks on because he knows it bothers me. But, in the name of my work uniform, being more professional, and keeping my job, I had to surrender the white socks. Steve says they'll make me look "fresh", but you better believe those babies will be coming off the second I walk in the front door.

This weekend was fairly uneventful, so here's some really boring photos from the past few days:

1//  Ok so this pic isn't from the weekend, but look at that sunset.
2//  Joining the rat race.
3//  My new lunch view, the CN tower.
4//  Mill St pumpkin ale.
5//  I'm a fan of fall decor, but this pumpkin telling me "you only live once" is a little extreme.
6//  Stuck in the clouds.
7//  Loving the new KitchenAid and all things pumpkin.
8//  We're hooked on homemade bread.

Oh, we also finished Breaking Bad... mind blown!  What an amazing series, and I'm pretty sure the only one I've ever successfully watched beginning to end.

But back to the black socks - To balance the evil black socks with something good, I bought myself an immersion blender so that I could make one of my favorite fall recipes, root vegetable soup. I can't wait to post the recipe, along with another one of my faves later this week.

Have a good week friends!

 photo marsignature_zpsfb974fa3.jpg


  1. mmm I love homemade bread! Have you shared the recipe you use?

    Also, reading about your black socks makes me laugh- I am also a recent convert. They always make me sing the black socks song

    "black socks, black socks
    they never get dirty, the longer you wear them the cleaner they get
    Sometimes I think I should wash them but something inside me says
    no no not yet, not yet, yet"

    FYI- I always DO clean my black socks. I aint gross.

  2. Ahhh I love seeing Canadian sites! Great view, btw!

  3. As creepy as this may sound, I have a feeling I know where you now work and I am SO jealous! :)

  4. Bahahaha!! I definitely share your hatred of black socks!

  5. I'm intrigued by this root vegetable soup! I've never heard of it before ... looking forward to the recipe!

  6. Also hate black socks. Do not own a single pair!!

    And I think I finally figured out where you're working. Was it a secret or am I just slow?? So cool!!

  7. Thanks for joining the blog hop! I love all things pumpkin too! Unfortunately I had to pay 3.50 euros for one can of it here in Barcelona (and I had to go over to an American grocery store!) It was so worth it!


    Rachel from Brachel Boulevard

  8. Hi - I found you from the blog hop and then saw you've visited me already, too. =)
    This post had me giggling, I don't have anything against black socks specifically, but I am picky about socks. Love your pictures, too. Looking forward to reading some more here.

  9. LOL My brother works for a college football team and I always try to find him on gameday. I can usually spot which one is him by his black socks with his shorts. :)


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