October 25, 2013

What's In My Camera Bag?

I'm a girl who likes to take photos.  But, I think that's pretty obvious.  Whether we're going for a hike, taking a drive or visiting family on a special occasion, I always like to be prepared. I'm no professional photographer, but have learned what I need to keep in my camera bag, no matter the occasion.  So, today I bring you:

Let's start with the most important piece to this puzzle, the bag itself.  I've got two different bags that I'm constantly switching back and forth.  No, I'm not high maintenance, they both just serve two different purposes depending on what I plan on doing.

LEFT | Lowepro Flipside Sport 15L AW (Approximate retail price: $144.99 USD )
This bag is built for photographers in pursuit of active adventures. It is lightweight and breathable and the customizable camera compartments allow for multiple gear configurations so you can vary the gear you bring on each adventure and fits my 100-400mm lens perfectly! This bag is also great if you are traveling in foreign countries because the back-entry access provides extra security.  Other features include, tripod and trekking poles attachment, hydration pack pocket, all-weather cover and back panel zippered pocket.

RIGHT | Lowepro Passport Sling II (Approximate retail price: $59.99 USD)
This bag is perfect for the casual traveler and the perfect carry-on bag!   The great thing about it is not only does it have customizable camera compartments to allow for multiple gear configurations, it is also expandable to create 30% more space for personal gear and has outside pockets for items you need to access easily like your phone, sunglasses or water bottle!

Now onto the guts of the bag...

1 | Camera body + lenses I shoot with a Canon Rebel EOS T2i.  I'm saving my pennies for something bigger and better, but in the mean time this camera works perfectly!  I have 3 lenses: 18-55 mm, 55-250 mm and 100-400mm.  My favorite lens, especially for shooting wildlife, is my 100-400mm, which I purchased gently used for a friend of a friend in Alaska, saving me over $800!

2 | Lens hood This device helps block the sun or other light sources in order to prevent glare and lens flare.  Perfect for shooting wildlife on a sunny day!

3 | Lenspen brush The perfect cleaning tool for all photography equipment.  It is equipped with a retractable natural-hair brush on one end and a flexible rubber tip on the other, allowing your to smoothly, and safely, clean your equipment.

4 | Filters Each of my lenses is covered with a clear filter for protection.  That way, incase of an accident, the filter will be the first to scratch or break instead of the lens itself!

5 | Small towel For the days when you can't control Mother Nature.

6 | Santizing wipes Because you don't want your camera to get sticky!

7 | Lens cloth Similar to the brush, this cloth allows your to safely clean your lens surfaces.

8 | Extra battery, memory cards and USB stick Always better to be prepared!

9 | Plastic sealable bags I use these to keep my extra battery, memory cards and USB stick together so that I don't lose them.

10 | Tripod: Manfrotto 390 Series MK394-PQ This tripod is lightweight and fits perfectly in the Lowepro Flipside Sport tripod attachment.  It is designed to ensure maximum durability, has an integrated compact photo head with a quick camera attachment that provides fast, multi-angle movements and the aluminum legs can be compacted quickly and independently set in two different angle positions. 

Why use a tripod?  A tripod will help your capture the ideal shot in all different circumstances.  It only takes seconds to erect and adjust, yet it can support your camera in the perfect position for however long you wish, helping you take great images.  Whether you are trying to freeze the movement of a waterfall or catch the beautiful aurora borealis, a tripod is a must!  A steady camera is a necessity for all types of photography.

Not pictured: iPhone, battery charger

What are some of your camera bag essentials?

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  1. I need to get in the habit of carrying around camera gear. For instance, on my last hike in Griffith Park, there were some gorgeous views of everything lit up at night, but without a tripod, I couldn't get anything that wasn't a blurry mess. If I had just thrown my little tripod in a bag....

  2. I seriously need an upgrade from my crappy point and shoot but the cameras are so intimidating! Perhaps one day.

  3. Thanks for this post! Now that we've got a little one in tow, my already heavy picture taking routine has gone on overload, and I'm in the market for some new swag. The iphone is great, but I'm looking for something digital. I'm new to all the lenses and such, so this is a great starting point for me! (Also maybe with a tripod I can stop taking textbook selfies...ok maybe not. :)

  4. I love seeing what people carry! Awesome idea. You are very organized ahha, My camera bag is usually a jumble because I have both digital and film and polaroids....its never good. That lens brush is awesome though! I have the same one :)

  5. This post was so incredibly helpful!! thank you sooo much for putting this together!! I looked and looked for websites to find cool camera bags, thanks to you i found several that i love. Thanks again!!

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