November 22, 2013

What inspires your senses? | a photo linkup

A photograph is but a moment frozen in time, preserved for the future.  They have the power to tell stories, convey feelings and the strength to move us emotionally. Photographs have the ability to capture a moment that's gone forever, one that's impossible to reproduce. Today's linkup is all about exploring the world of photography through our senses.  Sharing moments in time, memories, feeling and emotions that have inspired our senses. Today, I hope you enjoy "sensing" the world and connecting with others through the universal language of photography. #whatinspiresyoursenses

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t.o. & fro


Here are just some of the things that inspire my senses:

SEE | City lights.

SMELL | Salty ocean air.

HEAR | The waves of Lake Huron crashing against the shore.

TASTE | A fresh catch.

TOUCH | The bumpy skin of an American toad.

"SIXTH SENSE" | A school of fish.

What inspires your senses? 
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  1. These pictures are gorgeous. It just gave me the itch to book a flight. I want to travel again. Ahh

  2. Awesome pictures! Found you through the photography blog hop! :)

  3. Love these photos! Especially the one for smell and the last one - so incredible!

  4. I love this approach here! I really love the black and white photos! So awesome!

  5. Great shots! I am going to have to participate in this link-up next week for sure. What a great idea and gives me something to think about!

    Thanks for linking up with FBF!


  6. What an awesome link up! I will definitely be participating in this in the future! Thanks for linking up! Love your photos!


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