January 15, 2014

Things I'm Loving: For the Work Commute

Do you commute to work? Drive or take public transit? Regardless of your method of getting to and from work, it's never enjoyable. For me, I commute almost 3 hours every day on city bus and train. It's been a challenge adapting to this new routine, especially the early mornings and not so friendly winter weather. However, I have a few favorite things that help me get through the commute and I thought that I would share...

1. prAna "Ronnie" jacket // This jacket was just what I was looking for, and when it was the only size left at Mountain Equipment Coop, that just sealed our destiny to be together. This jacket serves two purposes - jacket and snow pants. It it down-filled, but thin, and just below knee length to keep my legs warm.

2. lululemon "Carry Me Om" tote // The quintessential work bag. Can be a shoulder bag for the lighter days or can expand into a sling for the days that you're carrying a little more weight, like every day for me. I was always lugging two bags to work everyday and so the hubby finally put his foot down and bought me this bag for Christmas.

3. LLBean Bean Boots, 8" thinsulate // These boots are the perfect winter boot, and as my husband says, make you look "legit". Warm, waterproof and comfy. Need I say more?

4. REI travel coffee mug // Coffee is a morning necessity and a good mug to keep it hot and from splashing all over you is important. This is THE mug for that.

5. Roots "Camp" socks // I'm a sucker for a good pair of tall, warm socks. I wear them every single day in the winter. These socks are perfect - they fit nicely in the Bean Boots and keep your feet warm and comfy!

6. iPad mini // I usually challenge myself to the crossword every morning, but when I need a break, the iPad is handy to have so that I can catch up on reading blog posts.

7. Soda Stream // If the soda stream was portable, there's no doubt it would be coming to work with me. But, unfortunately it doesn't fit in my new work bag. I always bring a bottle of soda water with me to work - I swear it forces me to drink more water because I must finish it before it goes flat. 

What are some of your favorite things that get your through the commute?



  1. Hope to get a new place, eat healthier, for my blog to grow and to be happy!!!

  2. You spend three hours on transit each day?? That's insane! I'm lucky because I live right by the subway and I only have to take one line to get to work.

    I definitely like that lulelemon tote! I need something like that. My little purse just isn't doing it for me anymore.

  3. I hope to survive another year in university!

    I can't believe you comment three hours! Why so long?? I'm soooo grateful university is only a 20 minute bus ride away!

  4. expecting my first this spring! lots of changes coming and i can't wait! xo

  5. Hopefully I will finish my degree in architecture this year! :)

  6. This year, I hope we can still be in the bush of AK and really make an influence with my first year students! It's been an intense ride so far and 2014 hopefully won't be any different!

  7. Wow great giveaway! My plan for 2014 is to come back from Europe and start a real job. It's going to be a good year!


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