February 19, 2014

You Asked, I Answered: Part 1

Jenn at A Country Girl's World asks,

These three Alaskan cities are on a cruise itinerary we are looking at: Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. Have you ever been to them and if so where is a good place to eat or something neat to see?
First of all, I am so excited that you're going to be visiting Alaska! Even with living in Alaska, taking a cruise is still on my bucket list. It would allow me to see the great state in an entirely different way. Unfortunately, during our time there, we did not get down to the southeast to visit those cities. However, I have only heard some great things. Make sure you check out the Mendenhall glacier in Juneau and try some of the amazing craft beer and fresh seafood, such as salmon and halibut, that Alaska has to offer.

What do you miss most about Alaska?
I miss... everything. But in all seriousness, the thing I miss most is our friends. While we were there we met some incredible people - we saw them every single day, we celebrated and shared milestones with them and they provided support when we needed it. They became our family and not seeing them every day has been a very difficult adjustment. I do also miss the beauty and the convenience of getting outside. It was so easy to hop in the car, go for a short drive and be in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but nature. The scenery in Toronto been a difficult adjustment - in the matter of a few months, we went from looking out our window and seeing the tall mountains and moose walking down our street like they owned it, to tall buildings, concrete and cars.

If you could move anywhere in the world for a period of time where would that be?
This is a really difficult question because I'm always up for an adventure. For a short period of time I would love to live in Europe, the west coast like Vancouver, Seattle or Portland, some place warm and on the ocean like southern Florida or a Caribean island, and I'd move back to Alaska in a heartbeat. But, that being said, at the end of the day I am very much a homebody and need to be around family. 


Are you happy home in Toronto, or itching for another adventure abroad? What things do you do now to scratch the itch (if you have it of course)?
While I love being at home, and being able to see my family more than I have the past three years, I am always itching for a new adventure. City life has been a difficult adjustment, and I must admit, I'm not sure it's entirely "me". I definitely want to live closer to family, but not in an urban area like we do now. As for combatting the itch, the hockey schedule doesn't really allow for trips during the season, so I'm always looking forward to summer and planning excursions. This summer we will be going back to Alaska for 10 days, with a quick stop in Seattle on the way home. Not only has planning for this trip helped with the itch, it has helped with the winter blues as well. That being said, making the best of the situation always helps as well. Toronto is a huge city, and while it may not have the amount of green space I crave, one thing I love about the city is that there is no shortage of festivals, concerts, markets, concerts, etc. to take advantage of. 


Carolyn E asks,

What animal do you miss the most from the Zoo? Do you work with any animals in your new job in Toronto and if you do, what kind if your favourite?
I miss all of the animals at the Zoo, from the ones that I worked with every single day, to the ones I just said hello to in passing. Spending time with the great horned owl, red-tailed hawk, northern goshawk, red fox, porcupine, dall sheep and muskox girls was part of my daily routine.  I had a strong relationship with them, they were excited to see me and they even showed affection. My new job is quite different, and not as hands-on as the Zoo. We have many different types of fish, from fish you would find in the Great Lakes to sharks and rays, and even two sea turtles. The animals I worked with at the Zoo were a bit quirkier, and similarly, the animals that are my favourite at the Aquarium, aren't your typical fan favourites either. I do adore the sharks, the stingrays and even the turtles, but I also enjoy the smaller fish that most people pass over. Some of the smaller fish have amazing, and unique, behaviours and survival techniques that are very interesting to learn about.

Thanks to everyone who sent in a question! Stay tuned for more answers next week.

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  1. This is such a fun way to get to know you, Mar! And Alaska is high on my places to visit list. I know I would miss the proximity to such beauty and outdoorsy stuff, especially if you're now in a city. And I love that photo of you feeding that cub!

  2. Thanks for answering my question :) I loved Toronto when I visited - and there was definitely lots going on. Glad to hear you're all about the silver lining.
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

  3. Do you happen to know Ashley from the blog Married to the Game? She just moved there and her husband plays for the Toronto Marlies.

  4. this is great! I went to Skagway for a day while I was staying in Haines. Cute town but kind of sleepy.

  5. I am new(ish) to Alaska and can't wait to visit southeast Alaska. It looks beautiful. My husband travels to Juneau every other week and says Hangar on the Wharf is a good place to visit for giant crab legs and great views!

  6. Loved hearing the answers Blar! FYI that last question was totally from my Mom haha. The Evoys are devout followers of To and Fro! Xx


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