March 22, 2014


I grew up on the shore of Lake Huron and spent every free second in or around water. Ever since I can remember, I was drawn to the water. This love paved the road I've taken in life, and today, I couldn't imagine my life without water.

Today is World Water Day. So in honour of a resource we could never ever live without, here are some interesting water facts...
  • Waters covers 70% of the Earth's surface.
  • 80% of the Earth's water is surface water, the other 20% is either ground water or atmospheric water vapour.
  • Only 3% of the Earth's water is freshwater, the other 97% is salt water.
  • Water found at the Earth’s surface in lakes, rivers, etc. makes up only 0.3% of the world’s fresh water; 68.7% of fresh water is trapped in glaciers; 30% of fresh water is in the ground.
  • Canada holds 20% of the world's fresh water.
  • A gallon (3.8 L) of water weighs 8.34 pounds.
  • Water makes up between 55-78% of a human’s body weight.

Water is life. All living things depend on water to support life functions. So, whether you are drawn to it like me, or absolutely terrified of it, please take a moment today to appreciate water.

What does water mean to you?

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  1. Water also means life to me. There's no better feeling than a cold glass of ice water with lemon, and a hot shower. Speaking of, I think I might take one now. TMI? lol

    1. We would never be able to live without water, but the moment we wake up and drink a big glass, to even that hot shower before bed!


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