March 12, 2014

Him + Her

him: professional hockey player
her: conservation & education coordinator

him: 5'11"
her: 5'6''

him: scotch, IPA
her: chardonnay, IPA

him: 1989 honda accord
her: 2006 pontiac pursuit

him: youngest of two
her: oldest of three

him: broken collarbone, leg
her: broken fingers, toes

him: blue eyes
her: blue eyes

him: sweet
her: salty

him: big city boy
her: small town girl

him: book before bed
her: crossword before bed

With the continuous growth of this blog, I love being able to [re]introduce myself to all of my friends. Thank you for this cute idea Harley & Jane and Life of Lane.

 photo marsignature_zpsfb974fa3.jpg


  1. So cute!
    And I always love seeing some of your wedding photos!

    1. Thank you :)
      How's the weather out East? Are you getting hit by the same storm we are right now?

  2. What a cute post idea! I love the idea of a reintroduction (and a nice cold glass of chardonnay... or three, who are we kidding) ;)

    1. Thank you! A nice cold glass, or two, of chardonnay always makes a tough day better...

  3. I loved this post! A great way to get to know both of you.

  4. This is great! A cute way of getting to know you both in a few words.


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