July 10, 2014

Our vacay.. according to my iPhone

We're back from our whirlwind West Coast adventure, and whirlwind and adventure it definitely was. While it's back to reality tomorrow, I can't wait to share our adventures over the next few weeks. Until then, here's just a little teaser for what we did, saw, ate, drank, etc. on our vacation to Alaska and Seattle, according to my iPhone. 

We'll start in Alaska...

1//  My amazing travel partner.
2//  Helloooooo mountains!
3//  Part of the AK welcoming committee. Missed this fella.

1//  First dinner, fresh salmon.
2//  Missed the west coast beer scene.
3//  It's normal to get your fishing license in the gun section, right?

1//  The view that never gets old.
2//  Pit stop for a pint at Moose's Tooth Pub & Pizzeria.
3//  Where it all began, our first apartment together.

1//  Allow me to introduce you to my friend, midnight sun.
2//  Fishing trip in Kachemak Bay.
3//  Hard to fall asleep on the boat when you have this view.

1//  As the only Canadian that worked at the Zoo, I thought it was only appropriate to celebrate the birth of Canada, and my favourite zookeeper, when I visited.
2//  Best friends.
3//  Wolf pup selfie.

1//  More hops in my belly.
2//  Couldn't leave without lunch at Lucky Wishbone.
3//  Midnight Sun brewery.

1//  Wild lupine.
2//  Flat top mountain.
3//  Final dinner - pizza and pints at Moose's Tooth.

And then hop down to the Lower 48 for our visit to Seattle...

1//  First taste of Seattle coffee at Local360.
2//  Pike Place Market.
3//  Pike Brewery.

1//  Beautiful day in the rainy city.
2//  Seattle Aquarium, a must on our list.
3//  The perfect match, fresh Puget Sound oysters and a West Coast IPA.

1//  A beautiful day for a beautiful wedding.
2//  Space Needle.
3//  More hops before we head back to the real world.

Ok, so I know that was a lot of photos. But, it was one of the our best vacations. More to come soon...



  1. I love the midnight sun and the beautiful views it brings. And I am from Oregon and we always got our fishing license in the gun section as well, so sounds normal to me ;)

    1. Midnight sun is on my list of favorite things for sure. I guess growing up in Canada it's out of the norm for us lol

  2. So much beer & burgers .... I'm in love! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation. Is Seattle's coffee really everything everyone claims it to be?

    xo fal || wavesofgraceblog.blogspot.com

    1. We did! I'm a huge coffee lover, so I have to say it was pretty good. And when in Seattle, you can't not go to the original Starbucks :)

  3. The views in Alaska are so breathtaking! Midnight sun? Yes please -- how beautiful. And Seattle looks like such a great time too! Glad you had a nice trip :)

    1. It was an amazing trip, but of course not long enough :)


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