August 29, 2014

Beautiful British Columbia

"A strange thing happens when you arrive in British Columbia... your senses awaken." 

Earlier this month I ventured to interior British Columbia with the fam jam to visit my little sister. Canada's westernmost province is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Have you ever been? I've been several times, including when we drove home from AK last summer, but this was the first time I had been to the Kootenay Valley area, where my gypsy sister is currently working. But, as a lover of the mountains I knew I wouldn't have any issues enjoying every. single. second. of the visit. 

I hope you like picture-heavy posts...

We flew into Calgary, AB and hit the Trans Canada Highway, driving approximately 3.5 hours west to Invermere, BC. Before crossing the AB/BC border, we had to make a pit stop in Banff. Travellers from all over the globe flock to Banff, home of the world's third oldest national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

After a quick visit to the Banff Ave Brewing Co, we continued to drive deeper into the Rocky Mountains. We spotted evidence of lingering summer wildfires and loads of fireweed that was making the charred remains of the forests beautiful once again.

The week not complete without a few adventures...

1// We hiked the Hoodoos - tall, thin spires of sedimentary rock formed millions of years ago by glaciers. The view from the top was spectacular. The wildlife wasn't too shabby either.

2// With plans to visit a natural hot spring kiboshed due to wildfires in the area, we opted to learn about the history of the late 1800s mining town, Fort Steele. And while it was never a fort or involved in any type of battle, it was once home to the North West Mounted Police's first post west of the Rockies.

3// We took a drive down a narrow, and never-ending, logging road along Toby Creek, up to Jumbo Pass. Another gorgeous view with some not too shabby wildlife, including a black bear and plenty of deer. Fireweed was abundant, but the number of bright-pink blooms were few and far between. As I learned in Alaska, you can tell when summer is coming to an end when the fireweed blooms have almost reached the top. Tear.

4// We golfed. If it wasn't for the scenery on this course, I don't think I would have lasted the 13 holes that I did. (But, more to come on this adventure at a later date...)

5// And, last but not least, we relaxed at the top of the mountain, taking in the fresh air and most importantly, enjoying some quality family time.

Life in the mountains is so simple, and while I'm glad my sister is enjoying her experience, I miss it.

Have you ever been to British Columbia?

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  1. This looks beautiful! I've never been to BC, but now I want to go!
    Kim @

  2. Banff is on my list to visit, during the winter for snowboarding!! Love these pics!

  3. Awesome photos!! I've been back in Ontario for about a year now after living out west for the past six years and your pics have reminded me how much I miss the beautiful landscape of the Rockies. I spent sometime in BC as well and loved it there too. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Did you stay in Invermere? I just got back from a trip there myself! My family has a place there and I've been visiting for about 12 years. This time I got to drive there (and back) from Vancouver, giving me an incredible variety of scenery during the 20 hours total of driving.


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