August 15, 2014

Off to the Mountains... Again

Once again this summer the mountains are calling, and I must go. I'm jetting off with the fam to visit my little sister in the interior of British Columbia. This makes me one happy girl.

Make sure you stop by True Colours today as I take part in Casey's travel series Destinations. Each month she interviews travellers from all over the world about destinations they've been to, what they packed, how they got there and so much more, and today I'm sharing important tips for visiting Anchorage, AK.

 photo marsignature_zpsfb974fa3.jpg


  1. I have big dreams of visiting Alaska someday!

  2. Glad to have you guest posting today on my Destinations series :)

  3. The hubby and I are considering planning an Alaska trip for our 5 year anniversary (only 4 more to go lol) but we have some friends that live there right now for the AF and it looks beautiful! Have a great trip!!!


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