August 2, 2014

A Visit to Seattle with CityPASS

Seattle CityPASS review

When visiting Seattle for the first time, we wanted to make the most of the experience. We had our wish list - Seattle Aquarium, Space Needle, Pike Market and a few other main attractions - but, we knew hitting up every single one of them would probably be a bit pricey.

Enter the Seattle CityPASS - the booklet that saves 47% on admission to the 5 best attractions in Seattle! How can you go wrong?

What's included:
  • Argosy Harbor Cruise
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Space Needle (2 entries)
  • Pacific Science Center or Woodland Park Zoo
  • Experience Music Project or The Museum of Flight

*For more info on the CityPASS, including available cities and how to purchase, check out the end of this post. 

Seattle CityPASS review

All in all, the Seattle CityPASS was a great value, and allowed us to see the attractions on our wish list, without breaking the bank. I would definitely recommend anyone visiting Seattle for the first time take advantage of the Pass. 

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Arogosy Cruise Harbor Tour

I think the Harbor Cruise was probably the highlight of the things we did while we were in Seattle. Launching from Pier 56, this one hour, live-narrated cruise through Elliot Bay allowed us to take in the amazing views of the Seattle skyline, historic waterfront, the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges and busy shipping terminals. For the best views, head to the top of the boat and sit city side (your right side when facing the front of the boat). And don't forget your camera! (Don't forget your sunscreen either, I learned the hard way.)

Seattle CityPASS review

Seattle CityPASS review
Seattle CityPASS review

Seattle Aquarium

As a Marine Bio nerd and someone who works at an Aquarium, every city I visit that has one, I must go. Seattle was no different. Located on Pier 59, we enjoyed visiting with the many creatures that call the Pacific Northwest home, including otters, seals, octopus and jellies. We immersed ourselves in the Underwater Dome, giving a 360° view of Puget Sound life within the 400,000 gallon tank. Make sure you don't miss the touch pools, mammal feedings, training demonstrations and underwater dive shows, where divers wear special masks to communicate with visitors!

Seattle CityPASS review
Seattle CityPASS review; Seattle aquarium

Space Needle

Get a 360° view of the city and beyond from 520 feet up! You will see the majestic Mount Rainier to the south, the Cascade range to the east and the Olympics to the west. The CityPASS allows for two visits within 24 hours. Coming from Toronto, we are kind of spoiled by the 1500 foot CN Tower, so one visit up the Space Needle was enough for us.

Seattle CityPASS review; space needle
Seattle CityPASS review


Pacific Science Centre

I am a total science nerd, but to be honest with you, this science centre was not our cup of tea. Located in the Seattle Centre, right next door to the Experience Music Project Museum, we decided we might as well use up the ticket, but ended up buzzing through it because we had happy hour on the brain. It is definitely geared toward a young audience, and sans kids, we did not blend in well with the crowd. We would have much preferred the other option, The Museum of Flight, but without a car and not wanting to shell out the extra money for a cab, we were out of luck. This ticket also includes one IMAX movie.

Experience Music Project Museum

A museum all about music would not normally be on our list of must-sees, but we wanted to make the most out of the Pass, and seeing as this place was located at the Seattle Centre and close to our hotel, we decided we might as well check it out. Again, I would have much preferred a visit to the other option, the Woodland Park Zoo, but transportation was an issue. The museum ended up being pretty cool. We explored some of the most significant moments in rock music and pop culture, learned all about icons like Jimmy Hendrix and Nirvana and tested our musical abilities in a few jam sessions. (Turns out, we shouldn't quit our day jobs.)

Seattle CityPASS review

Why the CityPASS? 

Not only will you save money, you will also save time with easy access at most attractions. The booklet can be purchased online beforehand, or at any of the listed attractions once you arrive, and once you have your booklet in hand, skip the ticket line and head straight for the entrance. The pass is good for 9 consecutive days from purchase, but can be used in any order your prefer, and easily in a long weekend.

How to purchase the CityPASS:
  1. Purchase online and have a voucher emailed to you. The voucher must be printed and exchanged for booklets at an attraction within 6 months of purchase. This avoid shipping costs, but processing fees apply.
  2. Purchase online and have the booklets shipped directly to you. Includes an option to ship to Canada, US, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France and the UK. Shipping times and costs depend on location.
  3. Purchase directly at an attraction. Easiest option.

Visiting a major city in North America? Make sure to check out the CityPASS for great savings when visiting the following destinations: 

Have you visited Seattle? What was your favourite place to visit? I'd love to hear!

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  1. This is very cool - I wish they did something like this for nyc.. Although they prob do and is prob $500! haha

  2. You mentioned that the pass is good for 9 consecutive days from purchase so that means I need to purchase it close up the days we want to visit Seattle. After purchasing online how soon did it arrive in the mail?

    1. There are two options if you purchase online. You can print a voucher that is emailed to you, then it must be exchanged for booklets at an attraction within 6 months of purchase. A processing fee does apply. Or, you can opt to have the booklets shipped directly to you. It does not state how long shipping takes, so if you're in a time crunch, I would not recommend this option. I would recommend just purchasing it when you get to Seattle. Any of the attractions in the pass sell the booklet. We bought ours at the Argosy Cruise ticket location and it was super simple to purchase.

      Thanks for asking this question, I think I will add this to the post now.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions!


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