August 24, 2014

simple, local & fresh 'sangria'

This is my absolute favourite time of the year - farmer's markets and grocery store shelves are loaded with seasonal and local produce. Simple. Local. Fresh. Food doesn't get much better.

Blueberry and raspberry season is in full swing, and during my recent visit to British Columbia,  I was inspired to create this simple, local and fresh 'sangria'. Niagara white wine with British Columbia berries. Yum. Being surrounded by the mountains as I sipped this summer treat made it that much better.

berry sangria recipe

Doesn't that picture just make you want to be there - sitting on the patio, in the mountains, with a glass of 'sangria' in hand? Ya, me too. I wish I could snap my fingers and go back.

I know traditional sangria typically contains red wine, fruit, sweetener and brandy. But, sometimes, you've gotta work with what you've got.

What you need:
+ handful of local berries (your choice - raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries)
+ glass of local white wine (your choice - chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, riesling)
+ optional: sweetner

What to do:
+ add a handful of berries to a chilled glass of white wine
+ allow to sit for a few minutes
+ enjoy!

Simple, right? Also delicious.

 photo marsignature_zpsfb974fa3.jpg



  1. I love this! I usually add an extra step and use a toothpick to poke a hole in some of the berries, so the berry juice mixes into the drink faster, and then I don't need sweetener. :)

  2. Wow that bowl of berries looks absolutely amazing! I just love farmers' markets and fresh produces like that! I'm really sad when I'm in the UK because berries and lovely fruits like that are always so expensive! But I have to say I love berries in my wine or champagne! Just adds such a nice touch and eating them is also great! :)

  3. I always drink sangria during summer! so sweet and refreshing!! xx ❤

  4. YUM! I'm a huge sucker for good sangria. This recipe looks so simple and delicious! (Not to mention, the setting looks absolutely delightful as well!)

  5. i love adding fresh fruit to wine or cocktails. such a fun way to make them more summery!


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