September 25, 2014

10 iPhone photo tips

So, Steve and I recently upgraded our phones, we were in DESPERATE need. The iPhones we got when we moved to Alaska (circa 4 years ago), just weren't cutting it any longer. I swear phone companies program the phones to self destruct when your contract is over, forcing you to shell out even more money. While he switched to the dark side and went with a Samsung Galaxy, I stayed loyal to Apple and stuck with the iPhone 5s. I know, I know, they just announced the 6, but trust me, our phones were that bad I couldn't wait any longer.

Smart phone cameras have come a long way. Even the difference between the ancient iPhone 4 and 5s blew me away. And while I much prefer to have my DSLR in hand, sometimes that's not always the option. Here are some tips to capture some great shots using your smart phone.

iPhone photo tips

1..  Take multiple shots. 
The great thing about digital is that it allows for mistakes. Taking multiple shots of the same object will help you make sure you get at least one good photo. The rest can be deleted later.

2..  Zoom in with your feet, not your fingers. 
Want to get a closer shot of an object? If possible, walk closer to the object instead of zooming in on the screen with your fingers. This will give you a much more clear photo.

3..  Try different angles. 
The majority of shots are taken from chest height because that's the most convenient way to take a photo. Find a more interesting angle, possibly from a lower, or higher, perspective.

CN Tower

4..  Hold the phone like you would a camera, with two hands. 
This will help to keep it nice and steady and avoid blurry shots.

5..  Rule of thirds.  
Long story short, the photo looks better when the subject isn't smack dab in the middle, but positioned off to the side. Luckily, iPhones have a setting for that.

chickadee High Park

6..  Keep the lens clean. 
Who knows where your hands have been and what they're putting on the camera. Keep a lens cloth nearby and give the lens, or entire phone, a wipe once in a while.

7..  Play around with exposure. 
The iPhone lets you specify where to optimize exposure by tapping that part of the screen when previewing your shot, which also sets the focus point. Play around with the exposure by tapping different parts of the screen to see what looks best for what you're trying to capture. You can also create silhouettes this way.

bonfire Lake Huron sunset

8..  Keep your photos simple. 
Don't over clutter the subject or background.  Noisy photos can be distracting and take away from the purpose of the shot.

9..  Don't be afraid to use editing apps. 
There are a load of apps out there that will help you spice up those photos. Add filters, lighten or darken, turn to black and white, create collages or add graphics.

10..  Get social. 
Be proud of the photos you've taken and show them off on social media!

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  1. Great tips! People definitely underestimate iPhone cameras. I wish the front camera worked as well as the back one, though...

  2. That picture with the fire is stunning! Great tips, I often use my iPhone camera as it is always on me. Will be sure to keep these tips in mind!

  3. I know what you mean about having an old iPhone. I still have the 4S and the camera on that is horrible! I can't even use it for my instagram pictures very often anymore because I'm so embarrassed by the quality. It'll probably be at least another year before I can upgrade, though. :(

    If I'm in the UK, but still have a US address, can I still participate in the giveaway? I could really use that Stella bag in grey. :)

  4. Lol, I'm having a 'blonde moment' (accept I'm almost brunette these days)...the part about 'Zooming in with your feet not your fingers' really had me at a confused pause in my reading. Aaaand, then I kept reading.

    Great tips!


  5. I love this bag.

  6. I've been eyeing the backpacks!

  7. What a great giveaway! I don't even know which bag I would choose, they're all so fabulous!!!

  8. I would love to have the Madison bag in black if I won this giveaway! Love how roomy these bags are!

  9. I love the Madison bag and Lola I honestly love them all! lol

  10. its hard to choose. I like the pink stella bag but i want a few of them so id have to narrow it down

  11. Good advice! I just got a new camera but sometimes I find myself without it. Definitely will use these tips!

  12. I wish I knew about these tips on how to use my camera on my Iphone sooner. I seldom use it as a camera and right now it is functioning primarily just as a phone because it is an old 4s. My favorite bags of Epiphanie were the Charlotte line and the Clover line.

  13. i would pick the lola bag in caramel.

    Thank you!! xoxox

    vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

  14. If I won , I might choose the Brooklyn Backpack in Grey!

  15. If I won, I think I'd choose the STELLA - Pink. :)


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