February 10, 2015

Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Gentleman

My husband would most likely say that I am the most difficult person to buy for. But sometimes, I really beg to differ. Finding that special something for the guy in your life can be quite a challenge. What do you get the man that has everything? The man that loves to be outdoors, but also lives for a good shave and hair cut. Luckily, I've had about 10 years to perfect the gift list for the outdoorsy gentleman. Here's some of my favourite ideas...

gifts for the outdoorsy gentleman

1.  fancy socks  |  2. messenger bag  |  3. thermos/flask  |  4. good pen
5. business card holder  |  6. razor club membership  |  7. whisky glasses  |  8. reusable water bottle

What do you buy the man in your life that has everything?



  1. i tend to find places fun to eat or "experiences" and then make him a voucher with all the dates for when we are doing it included. Otherwise he just puts things in the cupboard and never uses them!

  2. So happy that I have actually bought some of these for my hubby! Like Laura up above, I tend to get my husband more experience type things- i.e., for Christmas we went to Berlin and enjoyed the city together. Although we said no gifts, we both ended up buying each other funky socks- just something cute, cheap, that you always need and are fun!

  3. It is so hard to buy guys gifts - especially the guys that already have everything they want. I just started dating my guy, so luckily I just made him a Green Bay Packer blanket and then I'm driving him two hours away to the airport so he doesn't have to pay for his car being parked in the lot for a week. Unfortunately he's not outdoorsy, so your ideas won't exactly work, but they would work super well for my dad so I'll be adding those ideas to my list for Father's Day! :)

  4. Razor club membership is a great idea. I'll either do that or an Amazon gift card because everyone loves an Amazon gift card!

    I do what I want.

  5. I kind of started a tradition where I get my husband a watch for every holiday, but he definitely has too many now! I like that thermos flask, so cool looking.

  6. Mar,

    Are you guys part of the Dollar Shave Club? I keep thinking about it for the hubs but don't know if it would work for us, or if it is as good as it sounds.



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