May 31, 2015

Days of the Month: June

Another month, another 30 days worth of celebrations! Here are June's days of the month and more fun blog post ideas, for those days when the creativity is lacking...

  1. Say Something Nice Day: Say something nice to a stranger today.
  2. Leave the Office Early Day: What would you do if you left work early?
  3. Running Day: What is your favourite running gear?
  4. Hug Your Cat Day: Show off those furry, finned, scaled or feathery babies.
  5. World Environment Day: How do you celebrate Mother Earth?
  6. National Trails Day: Share a recent adventure on a local trail.
  7. Chocolate Ice Cream Day: What is your favourite chocolate recipe?
  8. World Oceans Day: What are your favourite water-related activities?
  9. Donald Duck Day: What is your favourite Disney character?
  10. Ball Point Pen Day: Write a letter to your future self.
  11. Jerky Day: What is your favourite road trip snack?
  12. Loving Day: What do you appreciate about your other half?
  13. Gin Day: Share your favourite gin-inspired cocktail.
  14. Bourbon Day: Share your favourite bourbon-inspired cocktail.
  15. Nature Photography Day: Show us nature, through your lens.
  16. Fresh Veggies Day: Take a trip to a local farmer's market and share your haul.
  17. Eat Your Vegetables Day: Share your favourite vegetarian recipe.
  18. International Picnic Day: Go on a picnic in a local park and share.
  19. Sauntering Day: Take it easy and relax today.
  20. World Productivity Day: How do you stay productive? Where do you find inspiration?
  21. Daylight Appreciate Day: It's solstice! How are you celebrating?
  22. Onion Rings Day: What is your favourite junk food?
  23. Let It Go Day: How do you take a deep breath and relax?
  24. Swim a Lap Day: What is your favourite way to get exercise?
  25. Colour TV Day: What are your favourite television shows/movies of all time?
  26. Canoe Day: Have you gone canoeing? What are your favourite water-related activities?
  27. Sunglasses Day: How your favourite sunny day activities?
  28. Log Cabin Day: Share a trip to your favourite museum.
  29. Camera Day: Share your recent favourite personal photos.
  30. Social Media Day: Disconnect and go social media-free for a day.
June is...
Camping Month - Share your favourite camping trip.
Great Outdoors Month - What is your favourite outdoor activity?
Soul Food Cooking Month - What is your home-cooked favourite meal?

This is just a small sampling of the many interesting and fun days celebrated in the month of June.  I hope you enjoy this feature, and that it brings your some inspiration when the creative juices just aren't flowing this month.

Happy June!

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  1. Oooh Sauntering Day-- I'm looking forward to that one!

  2. Some great post ideas right there, and quite the variety, too! ;)

  3. I love these prompts. They are so much fun. I love this idea.


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