May 6, 2015

The Importance of Self Care | How to Make a Life

Hello T.O. & fro readers, I am Sheryl from from How To Make A Life. By profession, I am a counsellor and life coach and my blog is where you can find me focusing upon finding inspiration and motivation for a healthy, happy and beautiful life.
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One of the most important topics I focus upon is self care. Self Care is hard and I believe that we each struggle with finding and keeping balance in our lives. As I began to write more about the topic, I established a weekly series Self Care Saturday. Each Saturday I discuss and provide simple tips and suggestions that can and will hopefully make self care an easier subject for you.

Self care Saturday

If you haven't had an opportunity to check out any of my Self Care Saturday posts. I wanted to give you a brief introduction and share a few of my most popular posts.

What Is Self Care?  //  This post began the weekly series. I discover that many people feel that self care is selfish and there isn't time for it. My goal is to help people realize that self care is something that needs to be done daily and includes regular routines such as sleep, the clothes we wear and how we organize our day.

What Are You Saying To Yourself?  //  Do you say things to yourself that you wouldn't say to a friend? Believe it or not, most individuals say extremely negative thoughts. Self care begins with how we view ourselves and the comments we daily make.

A Space of Your Own  //  Is there a space in your home that is your own? It doesn't matter how small or large your space is, it is important to have a spot that is comfortable and your own. That can be a favorite chair, a renovated closet or a bedroom made into your office. Take time to create and establish your own space.

Scheduled Yourself on Your Calendar  //  You schedule work meetings and your children's activities, but do you schedule time for yourself in your life? Self care begins with making sure there is time for the things you want to do and that can range from making your hair appointment to scheduling a night out with friends.

How To Protect Your Time  //  This post was inspired by a Facebook status by a dear friend who is a motivational speaker and trainer. She acknowledged she turned down two paid speaking engagements because they were set to be on days she had blocked out as self care days. This is a woman who works circles around everyone I know. However, she understands that without blocking out time, she is unable to do the work that is meaningful to her. Do you give up time that you have set aside for yourself?

How To Take A Deep Breath //  Breathing is something that we do naturally but the stress and busyness of our daily lives changes the quality of our breath. Do you find yourself sighing? Are your shoulders tense. This post will walk you through very quick and easy ways to take a deep breath and you will immediately feel a difference.

Permission for Self Care  //  Do you feel like you need permission to practice self care? This post is simple and reminder that I will gladly provide you with permission to do whatever you need to do for your self care practice.

I would love to hear from you in regards to your own self care practice and hope you will place Self Care Saturday on your regular reading list.

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  1. I LOVE the tip about scheduling yourself on the calendar...that's one thing that most people don't do! I know I certainly don't but I need to.

    1. I find if I don't put myself on the calendar - it doesn't happen! Hope you will start doing it!

  2. Definitely feeling overwhelmed recently, and I agree with you totally. Need a little more self-care time in my schedule. And definitely don't have a space of my own at the moment. Better work on that! ;)


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