June 9, 2015

10 Reasons to Go Camping

I truly believe that being outside is good for the soul, and one of my favourite ways to get outside is to go camping. Camping doesn't have to be scary. Whether you're a glamper, camper or outdoor survivalist, camping is for everyone. 

Make a plan to get outside this summer, whether it is a camping trip, or just a walk in the park. But I favour the first. Here are 10 reasons to go camping.

10 reasons to go camping

10 Reasons to Go Camping

To escape the hectic city life. 

Stressed at work? Leave the to do lists at home and head for the trees. Studies have found that those that spend a few nights in nature have lower levels of cortisol, hormone used as a marker for stress, than those that stay in the city. A dose of fresh air is the perfect way to reset before the work week ahead.

To unplug. 

No wifi, no electrical outlets, no problem. Leave the technology at home. Instead, pick up that book you've been meaning to read. Give your brain, and eyes, a break, and enjoy the quiet time.

To develop a new found love of nature. 

Being outside isn't just about being in a new environment. It's also about gaining a new appreciation for Mother Nature's beauty. Take a walk in the woods - close your eyes, open your ears and take a deep breathe. 

To spend time with friends and family. 

Camping doesn't have an age limit. Relaxing around the campfire, telling stories, playing games and having a few laughs is the perfect family bonding experience. But don't forget about your pets, sometimes they need to unwind as well.

To reset your sleep cycle. 

With crazy work schedules and the increased exposure to artificial light, our internal clocks can easily get out of rhythm. Studies have shown that we actually sleep better when we set out sleep cycles with those of the sun. So leave the alarm clocks at home and allow your body to rest.

To explore new places. 

Whether it is your local campground, or a campsite a road trip away, choosing different places to camp each trip allows you to explore what your own city and others have to offer. Do you research - you'd be shocked at the places you can find within a short drive from your home.

To eat meals you don't normally eat. 

Camping gives you a good excuse to cook hot dogs over the fire or treat yourself to s'mores and other things you wouldn't normally eat at home. Get creative with your campfire meals, the opportunities are endless.

To do something affordable. 

Camping is often cheaper than planning a weekend trip to a popular tourist area, and fees are much less than the average hotel stay. Sure the gear can be pricey to purchase but consider it more of an investment. If you invest in the good stuff, it will last you a long time, saving your money in the end. 

To learn new skills. 

You can brush up on old skills, or learn new ones. Want to learn how to tie the perfect knot? Go camping with someone more experienced and soak up all of their knowledge. And no matter how much of a "seasoned camper" you think you are, you'll learn something new with each new camping experience. 

To get a different form of exercise. 

Not all camping trips have to be strenuous, but they can give you the opportunity to take a break from your regular exercise routine and try something different. The opportunities for exercise during a camping trip are endless - canoeing, climbing and hiking are just a few. Your body will thank you.

To have fun! 

No explanation needed.

Sometimes there's just nothing better than sitting around a campfire with your best friends and family.

What do you enjoy about camping?

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  1. Everything! Yes to it all!

  2. Camping is pure amazing...every aspect

  3. You have me convinced ... now I just need to find someone who isn't opposed/allergic to the idea of camping!


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