June 16, 2015

Celebrating Dad with Energizer Headlight

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energizer headlight

Father's Day is about celebrating the dads in our lives and what makes them a hero. I am not afraid to admit that my dad is my hero. Ever since my brother, sister and I were young, he has worked extremely hard to provide for our family - to make sure we had, and continue to have, the best opportunities, including attending all of those out of town soccer and hockey tournaments and graduating from university debt free. I am forever grateful for what he has scarificed for us. Not to mention, the guy's a volunteer firefighter. In his spare time, he helps those he doesn't even know, which just ups the coolness factor. 

dad balloons; energizer headlight

One thing that I can always rely on my dad for is good advice, like when my husband and I were given the opportunity to move to Alaska. "What do you have to lose?", were his exact words as we hummed and hawed over whether it was the right decision. We had no idea what to expect, or what to pack - we only knew what we had heard, that it was cold and it was dark. I will never forget “packing day” - we were sprawled out in my parents' living room, with entirely way too much stuff already, and my dad handed us a headlight to put in our bag. He told us it would come in handy, and he was definitely right. We used that headlight for everything - taking our routine after-dinner winter walks, warming up the car in the dark morning hours, reading in bed and even during our many camping trips. It was the perfect hands free accessory for our Alaskan adventures.

My dad has always put the needs of others above his own. So, with his retirement fast approaching this summer, we decided to make it all about him by bringing together friends and family to celebrate this milestone. After plenty of good food, good drinks and good laughs, we ended the night with a bang by putting on a spectacular fireworks show. Thanks to the new Energizer headlight that I recently purchased from Walmart using 
this couponwe were able to show dad just how much we really care. 

energizer headlight

Dad, we are extremely proud of you and can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us. Happy Father’s Day!

energizer headlight

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How do you celebrate Dad?
What would you do with your Energizer headlight?



  1. This is such a cute post. Your dad sounds like a great guy! I never understood the value of headlamps until visiting Jeff's fam. His dad always uses one when he takes the dogs out at night and it's so convenient for that - I can imagine in Alaska it would be a great help since it's so dark up there!

  2. *sigh* I guess I get a bit envious when people start talking about their Dad's around Father's Day. I suppose I'll always long for the dad that I never had...... My step-dad and I didn't get along from the ages of 9 to 18 and it took my mom getting cancer for us to smarten up. I'm grateful that I have him now, but did we ever waste years away just being stupid.

    Headlights are the bee's knee's. It has saved us so many times when we've been in a jam or our many camping trips - it definitely gets its use.



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