July 24, 2015

5 Essentials to Pack for a Mystery Vacation

Our 'mystery family vacay' is just around the corner, and the packing has officially begun! While my parents have given clues along the way in terms of what to bring, I am still finding it very challenging not to overpack. Do you suffer from overpacking too?

Obviously there are many things that are essential to any successful vacation - passport, flight confirmation, credit card, travel/health insurance documents, etc., but there are some items that I find just as important, and that go straight into my carry-on...

5 packing essentials

1.. a comfortable camera bag
Not knowing the activities we will be partaking in, but knowing a camera  is a must, it is key to bring a camera bag that is easy to carry, comfortable, and can hold all of the essentials. Bonus points if it doubles as a carry on. My go-to is the Lowepro passport sling.  Don't forget your camera and charger!

2.. reusable water bottle
Did you know that water is one of the most expensive commodities in the world? Not only that, one-time use plastic water bottles are really bad for the environment. When travelling, I prefer to bring my own water bottle to refill. You can fill it yourself once you pass security at the airport, and most cities have public drinking fountains for a convenient refill.

3.. snacks
I am a snacker, constantly picking at food throughout the day instead of eating big meals. I am somewhat adventurous when trying new foods, but when the destination is unknown, I also prefer to bring a few of my favourite snacks (think trail mix, candies), just in case. But don't go overboard on the snacks - they still have to fit in your suitcase!

4.. good book
Whether you're taking a long flight, or lounging on the beach, a good book, or two, is key! [side note: has anyone read the 'new' book by Harper Lee? I heard it's really good!]

5.. sunglasses
Whether you are headed to a sunny destination, or even a snowy one, sunglasses are a must to reduce glare and UV damage to your eyes. All the better to see the sights with my dear.

What items are essential when you pack for vacation?



  1. I need to get some better glasses. I love the water bottle. I haven't found one that I absolutely love.

  2. The mystery vacation sound like fun! In addition to the things you've already mentioned, I always pack duct tape (so many uses), a few trash bags (versatile), a multi-plug power charger travel strip, a notebook, and my laptop.


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