November 20, 2015

Child, You Will Move Mountains

It's extremely important to me that our child is an nature lover just like his/her parents. Baby can be a hockey star like dad, but they must also love animals and the outdoors. There's no debating it. 

alaskan-themed nursery

Considering baby won't have their own dedicated space until our nightmare of a condo is built, planning a nursery has had its challenges. But on the plus side, having limited space is also a good thing. It keeps me from going overboard in furniture and decor 'wants', and makes me think more along the lines of 'needs'.

alaskan-themed nursery

We still don't know if Baby W is a boy or girl (although I'm strongly leaning towards boy), but that hasn't stopped me from picking up many cute outfits on my solo trips to the grocery store. I've been drawn to anything animal or outdoorsy, and have not been deterred away from the more "boyish" colours. Who said only boys can wear blue?! True story - Joe Fresh is addicting, and I am no longer able to go grocery shopping by myself. And did I mention, I'm obsessed with baby jeans?! Here are some of the outfits that are already hanging in baby's closet...

alaskan-themed nursery

Thrift stores are a gold mine for children's books. How can you not love gently used books for $1? When searching through the stacks, I've found some of my favourites from when I was younger and some that will quickly become my favourites. Here are some of the books that are already in the book shelf, and some that will definitely be added to the list of favourites... 

alaskan-themed nursery

When we were living in Alaska, we bought quite a few pieces of art for our future 'Alaska wall'. In the meantime, they are the perfect pieces of art for baby. Bright and colourful. The animal watercolour paintings below are actual portraits of some of my favourite Alaska Zoo pals...

alaskan-themed nursery
#1, 2, 3 & 7 - VRae 
#4, 5, & 6 - Katie Sevigny

And then, there was this find at Goodwill. A little paint will make it good as new. One mama's trash is another mama-to-be's treasure...

alaskan-themed nursery

I can already see Steve shaking his head with the number of 'projects' I've signed up for. 

If it's not obvious, we're going for an Alaskan theme. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm a HUGE Alaska pusher. Even to an unborn child. 

Stay tuned for the final product!

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